Friday, February 22, 2013

The downside to Co Sleeping

  I love co sleeping, I truly do.  If I didn't, I wouldn't let my almost 21 month old sleep with me, or his siblings before him.  There is nothing better falling asleep with a cuddly toddlers arms around your neck, or waking up to that adorable grin first thing in the morning.  

  However, there is a downside.  This doesn't only happen when the toddler is in control of his potty business, but this can happen with newborn infants as well.

Jonah has been 100% fully accident free for well over a month now.  He takes his potty business very seriously and is very proud of himself over this issue.

I was sound a sleep.  Sleeping like a bear in a cave on a cold winters day.  I was probably next impossible to wake me up.  I was in so deep I was even dreaming, but I don't remember what.  I do remember the dream changing though.  It went from whatever it was I was dreaming to dreaming I was on the beach.  The wind was on face (fan) and the sun was on my neck... I felt the warmth go down my back... wait a minute, when did the sun get so wet???

I reach back.  My hair is soaking wet too.

I roll over and see Jonah sitting, just looking at me.

"Jonah Andrew, did you just pee on me???"

"I'm sorry Mummy (my child thinks he's English)!!! I pee pee sleeping!!"

I tell him it's okay, change him, wake up Ryan so I can change the bedding.  Make sure Jonah snuggles back down with Ryan, and I hop in the shower. AT 5 AM!!!  Okay, it's kind of funny now.  At least I won't worry later if/when I'll get my shower!

I climb back in bed and Jonah scoots over next to me and puts his hand on my face and whispers in his half sleep state "I wuv you"

So you might get peed on, or thrown up on, or pooed on in the wee waking hours. You might have to get up, change all your bedding (or throw a towel on it, if it's not too bad), and possibly even get a shower when you would rather be sleeping.

Knowing your baby is always there, being able to just roll over when he needs comfort, knowing he is safe, it's worth it. Totally worth it.  I wouldn't have it any other way.