Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My 100th post!

So much has happened since I started this blog.  Pretty sad it took me a few years to write 100 posts, but here it is.  I am so caught up in mothering lately, there just hasn't been time.  Homeschooling, potty training, dance, baseball, gymnastics, doctor appointments, pageants, dental appointments, as well as just day to day things that keep our home running smoothly.

Our Latvian's went back to Latvia on Jan. 12th.  We have been heart broken ever since. It was a very hard day.  We didn't hear a peep out of the back of the van the whole way to the air port.  Sad is an understatement.  We were able to get a gate pass because I was the air port coordinator for Kentucky.  Kristaps thought this meant we were going home with them, though we didn't realize he was thinking that at that point.  He perked up as soon as we checked through security and happily sat down next to us while we waiting till it was time to board the plane, we thought he was just happy to go home.  Justine sat next to me, not letting my hand go.  I kept hearing her sniffling, but when I looked at her she put a brave smile on.  I did pretty well holding it together till it was time to say goodbye.  She hugged me and wouldn't let go and there were tears in her eyes.  It was hard not telling her we were going to do everything in our power to get them back. It was then we realized Kristaps thought we were coming, he was tugging on Ryan's hand saying "you come too!" and then he started to fight tears. Hugging them goodbye, letting them go, was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life so far.  

We get home, and two people are missing.  It's so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

I am missing many extra hugs and cuddles from two very special people.  Latvian is no longer being shouted in the house.  Not as many hands in the kitchen ready and willing to help, people are missing at our dinner table.  It hurts!

Life goes on, we didn't want it to, but thus it has happened slowly.  

Kathryn turned 7 last week, her party is this weekend.

Jonah has fully potty trained.

Jemima sleeps most nights in her own bed, rather than mine.

Liam is so much better it's unbelievable! According to his doctors, he shouldn't even be here after what happened in November. (Blog on that later) Here he is, stronger and better than ever!

Jesse, my first born, getting ready for a huge baseball season. It's going to be biggest year yet as he's playing with boys older than him. He made Lexington Grays 9 year old team a whole year early.

The baby and I are now in our 18th week, we find out in a week if we are welcoming another boy or girl.

Ryan has been given even bigger jobs at work and is working harder on his own program.

We are changing, we are growing, we are not the same as before.

Planning on yet ANOTHER move, this time out of the city.  Pretty sure our neighbors, as fantastic as they are, aren't going to be crazy about the family with 8 children next door.  Ryan wants to have some land, I've been promised my goats back.  (As much milk as Kristaps drinks, we are probably going to need a couple cows though.)  Be praying, we are looking for something with 5 to 10 acres around 30 minutes to Lexington.    We hope to be moved in time to put a garden in.  I admit, I miss getting my hands dirty.

Here you have it, my 100th blog post!! Here's to hoping I get better at updating this thing! :)

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  1. So will you be adopting them or was this just a temporary visit?