Monday, December 17, 2012

They're HERE!!!!

Justine and Kristaps got in last night!!!

More coming later, super busy this morning.  Just wanted to let everyone know they are here and doing amazingly well!!! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shunt Malfunction and BIG NEWS!

  Though we knew it could happen... We prayed it wouldn't!!!

  Shortly after my last post, that exact day in fact, Liam had to be rushed to UK AGAIN.  Serious, but not in major danger, yet!

  He was throwing up a bit the day before, but so was another kid a few days before that.  Really hard to go by that sign because the sad fact is, kids puke pretty often.  Friday after his nap, he couldn't stand up without falling.  I scooped him up and took him in.  MRI and X-rays right away.  His shunt wasn't draining fast enough and had caused fluid to go around his brain causing a lot of pressure.  He should have had a massive headache, but never complained about one! 

 To make a VERY long story short, it was a VERY long processes to fix this problem.  1 in 1000 people that have hydrocephalus need a shunt, 1 in 1000 people that have a shunt, have a malfunction like this.  (by his odds, I should have won powerball!!) Seems like the odds haven't been in his favor lately, but I did catch this early!  

  What happened, they cut a tiny hole in his belly so the tube that goes into his belly where the fluid drains could be out.  They wanted to see how much fluid drained, and they wanted to see where he needed to be at pressure wise.  Couple days on that with no progress they drilled 3 holes on the right side of his head and had a drain coming out there to drain off the fluid that was surrounding his brain.  2 days on that, and they drilled 3 more holes on the left side.  He had 3 different brain fluid drips coming out of him that he was very limited on movement and could only lay on his back.  He was in PICU for 11 days, where siblings can't visit. Then had his major surgery and got to go into normal room.  On the 12 day he got to come home. This was the day before Thanksgiving.  Needless to say, we had a lot to be thankful for this year! It took him awhile this time to be able to walk, 12 days on your back would do that to anyone.  Now he's doing really good and starting to put some of the almost 5 lbs he had lost while he was in the hospital.

  He now has a new shunt, this one is pretty cool!  Though it is bigger, it's much easier on him!  They can regulate how much or how little it drains by having a computer tell it what to do, this means he won't have to be cut open again if it's not draining enough.  So far so good though!  He goes in for an MRI check up on the 16th.  His head has shrunk 4 1/2 cm since day before Thanksgiving (it didn't shrink at all in July!), so I am taking that as a good sign this one is working!!
That business trip that never happened, should happen Saturday, though the kids and I are staying home.

  Our Latvian children will be here in 5 (FIVE) days!!!!  We are no where near ready, but those that know me, know my best work is when I'm at the end of a deadline. :)  It will all come together.

  There has been a change of plans, Deivids (the little guy) isn't coming.  He's half brother to the other two, and from my understanding was just placed with them not that long ago.  They haven't bonded well at all, in fact they have rejected each other.  The orphan court decided to split them up and that they will be better off in different homes.  Justine and Kristaps are still coming, we are still fully planning on adopting them both, just Deivids can't come now.  We are very sad, but we know God's plan is the best plan.  I will pray for that little boy the rest of my life though.  Even though I never got to see him face to face, I still love him and he will always have a special place in my heart.

Coming July 2013!!!

Huge things seem to be happening in the Dawson house!!!  We are so blessed!!!