Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stinky (and the meaning behind the term of endearment)

Some have asked, many have wondered. Why do we call this amazingly beautiful child "Stinky"??

  It's a bit of a long story.  I was blessed with this amazing little girl 3 1/2 years ago.  If you talk to her, you would really think she was 3 1/2 going on 12.  She's super smart, funny, sassy, and full of spunk.  You just never know what she will say or do next.

She's so mature and gracious. She has a smile that lights up a room and warms my heart.  I truly think she chose our family to restore laughter and happiness.  I was so sad and depressed before she was born, and suffering from PTSD, the second she came into my arms, that all melted away! 

She is very comfortable in her own skin.  We went to a Back to the Future pageant a few weeks ago and I came up with the idea for her to do the thriller. She LOVES MJ and thought this was a great idea.  However, she wanted her own twist. "What if Michael Jackson came back from the dead and was a zombie, I want to look scary like that!"  I reminded her this was for a pageant, and she needed to look pretty. She was really quick to remind me that zombies AREN'T pretty (DUH) and she wanted to be scary.  Scary she got.  She laid in a coffin prop we made and we carried her in it on stage.  The shock factor was already in the building (OMG, are those people actually bringing a 3 year old ON STAGE (!!!!) in a coffin !?)  Why yes, yes we did!  As soon as the music started, it made sense. The top pops off the coffin and out jumps this scary zombie that starts doing the thriller.  Both judges were cracking up, though one did comment she needed to be a "pretty zombie"  Stinky didn't care!  She wanted to be scary even if it cost her the crown. Way to march to the beat of your own drum!!! 

She has a really soft side too.  Often times you will see her on her bed (she has bottom bunk, her own space no one is allowed to come into unless invited) coloring contently for hours.  As loud and fun as she is, she likes to be alone with her own thoughts too.  She never gets into stuff like most her age.  Never!  She was such an easy baby and child. Tantrums are so very rare. Now don't get me wrong, she does have her moments and sometimes does act her age!

(Stinky NOT having fun!)

In those moments I just stand back and look at her wondering where in the world that is coming from.  It is very rare!  She's usually her smiling happy self "partying like a rock star"

You can ask her: "What is your name?"

She will tell you: "Jemima Wendy Dawson, but everyone calls me Stinky."

"Why do they call you Stinky???"
"Because I'm SO STINKING CUTE!!!"


  1. She IS so stinkin cute!! Thanks for the sweet explanation!

  2. Her party like a rock star face cracks me up!
    You can tell her mama loves her lots :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment! Visiting your blog reminds me of the Xanga days, following your pregnancy with Jesse. How time has flown, and your brood has grown! Congrats on #5!