Friday, November 9, 2012

38 days!!!!

  38 days more and we will be meeting IN PERSON, these 3 amazing children!!

The last $1000 will be in our bank account probably Monday morning.  Ryan got another contract job, the total was for the exact amount we needed!!!  Yes, this means a business trip for him this weekend, but we get to go too, and that means free night in a hotel with a POOL and hot breakfast! (we've been to this place a few times, it's our favorite places to go on a "business trip") Gas to get there, nice hotel, and $30 a day for food is covered because it is so far away.  Far be it from me to decline a trip to a pool for FREE!! :-D

38 days! We were told it would seem like forever to get here.  Honestly, that has not been the case.  We have been so busy with fundraisers, extra jobs, getting things ready here, as well as our normal every day busy life, it's flown by!   There is still so much to do!

If you see is in public with our host children, please don't say anything about ADOPTING.  Though YES, we do fully intend to adopt them, we are NOT allowed to say anything about it to or around the children.  The home study has to be done and all the paper work has to be in Latvia before these children can find out we want to adopt them.  What if they were told we were going to adopt them, and then something happens that is out of our control and we can not?  They've already been let down once, by their birth parents.  I am not in the business of letting children down!!!!  They know they are coming as host only, they KNOW they have to go back.  They have no idea it could turn into more, though I am sure they always hope. :)  It is also against the rules of NHFC to tell the children or discuss adopting them with the children.

I can't wait till they are here!!

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