Thursday, October 4, 2012

We're Jumping!!!

We were going to host first.  That was the plan.  That way if this didn't work out, kids didn't like each other, Latvian kids didn't like us, our home, our pets, being in a large family... we could go no further than hosting them.  They could go back and we could take what we learned from this and that would have been the end of that.  We weren't obligated to adopt them, we just would have been given the choice to adopt them.  No hard feelings if it wasn't a fit.  The children aren't even coming here thinking it's possible, they think it's just to experience the American culture.

We were playing it safe because my fear it wouldn't work out, even though it's not really what God wanted.  Hosting 3 is near $9000, that is almost 1/4 of what the cost to adopt 3 siblings from Latvia would be.  Playing it safe came with a price.. And seriously this was a lack of faith issue.  I knew in my heart what I was suppose to do, but I AM only human.  I smacked the easy button (that cost a lot) and as going on my own. (if you only knew how hard this became... we've had issue after issue this past month!!!) That is till this morning.

3 am today. TRUST ME.  Those two words. LOUDLY. Not in my head. Spoken like someone was talking (in this case... YELLING) in the room I was in. TRUST ME!  I now know how scared Moses must have felt when he was on that mountain.  It startled me! TRUST ME!!!
Not sure if Ryan heard it too, or just felt it.  We both agreed right away it was time to back out of hosting and to go onward with adoption.  I was up till 5 am.  After hearing the voice of God himself, it's not very easy to let sleep come!!

First thing this morning we called a family meeting.  Nothing major is done in our home without everyone being on board.  "Kids, what if we don't host?" (insert sad little faces) "what if we just adopt them... now WAIT! it's a LONG processes, we don't know when they will get to come here now, but what if we adopt them?" (insert thrilled little faces!! then loud shouts of joy... sorry neighbors!)

I was on the phone at 10 am.  I now have those 3 precious children's full names, birth dates, and other info.  They are about to be pulled from the hosting program and will be put in the "adoption in processes" file.  At this very moment, plans to go on with a full home study are in the works.  The ball is rolling.

We're Jumping!

Stay tuned!  This is going to be an amazing journey!!!!