Friday, October 26, 2012

Are you Called???

When we first looked into hosting this winter, we saw 4 adorable little faces that will probably be in my mind and heart forever.  I knew taking on 4 more would be quiet the undertaking, but I asked anyway.  Their picture was posted 3 days before OUR children were listed, and even though I think I knew deep down these 4 weren't for me, I had to make sure.  It turns out, I am too young by 1 year!! :(

I've gone back to the photo listing every single day for nearly 2 months now, with the hope that these 4 beautiful children had been chosen.

With less than 6 days left for children to be chosen, I am starting to lose hope.  4 amazing children need a home and I have no idea how to help other than flooding my facebook wall and posting here.

Would you find it in your heart to take them?  Is God calling you to help?  (someone in Kentucky so I can come squeeze their necks?!?)  I am praying so hard someone will choose them.  They need to be loved.

Is God asking you to do something special for His glory? What about giving these 4 kiddos a Christmas they will never forget?? $2650 hosting scholarship for Ivars, Diana, Aigars, Laura are from a very rural foster family. They are all very good kids and all have the same 2 parents! Laura, the oldest, likes Barbies and is the serious, artistic one of the bunch. Diana likes to play with her babydo
lls and wishes for one with a stroller. Ivars, the older of the boys, likes soccer, ice hockey, and bike riding. He takes care of the pets and helps with the house. Aigars, the youngest, likes to play on the swings and trampoline. He would like a computer game for Christmas. All kids are very shy and innocent and definitely NOT WORLDLY kids. Though the youngest said his wish would be for a computer game, the foster mom said there is no computer so perhaps he meant a handheld game. They will be amazed at the simplest of things and most every hour in the beginning will be eye opening to them in the world of technology and "things". For more information about hosting, visit To donate a scholarship towards bringing them to the US this Christmas, mention their names in your PayPal donation

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  1. I am pleased to say they ARE being hosted!!! They have been chosen!!!!