Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today we picked apples!

Finally! Autumn is on it's way.  You can hardly tell though because it is still so hot out.  The nights are cooler, but in the day time it's so hot and humid.  This crazy insane heat nearly killed all those apples!  Not to mention the freak frost we had back in April. We were so worried there wouldn't even be apples this year, but there were!  Hundreds of them!

We had two apple trees when I was a child.  They were always so full of apples the limbs of the trees would almost touch the ground from their weight.  Years later, our milk goats got out and ate the bark all around both trees and just like that, they were gone!

  I loved picking apples, I loved the fresh taste you just can't get in the stores, even when they are grown locally.  This is something we have done every year since moving to Lexington, and it's one of my favorite activities now. The children really love it.  We go through about 10 lbs of apples in a week, I'm sure we will go through our 50 lbs very quickly.  No, picking your own are not cheaper, in fact, I think they cost more.  Where is the fun in buying them though??

We went with other homeschoolers and we were given a tour and even taught the whole processes of the life of an apple.  It fits right in with our history lesson.  We are studying about how America was started and had just started to talk about Johnny Appleseed! (Yes, this was planned in advance on my part)  The little guys were super excited to go today.

Jemima was tall enough to pick them without any help from me.  She likes to sing while she works and today was no exception. She would find an apple, make sure it was clear of spots and worm holes, pluck it off, and put it in her bag.  She then stopped singing and let out an adorable little sequel "I got another one!" and then go for another until no time at all her bag was heaping full.

I wonder if she would love it so much if she had to do this every single day?! :-D    She probably would, she loves being outside and helping out.

Jonah was not very interested in picking.  The first one we helped him pick went straight to his mouth and after that he was happy to stomp around through the trees munching on his apple.

He's a city boy through and through!!!! LOL  Poor thing doesn't even know the proper way to sit on a tractor!!!  In his defense, he DID try! His little feet couldn't reach the ground.  He found out if he would just flip around he could put his feet on the ground and scoot the tractor along.  It just really tickled me though.  I'll probably laugh every time I see this photo.  Seriously thinking it needs to be blown up and framed!

                                   Another perk to visiting the orchard, is the huge homemade slide!

Jemima said it was as fast as a roller coaster!

Liam even loved it and went down at least a dozen times.

So that was school for today.  The children still have to do some reading, but it was field trip day, so everything else has been put on hold for tomorrow.



  1. YUMMY! That looks like it was fun! I remember doing that with Megan and Grant In MS!

  2. Greetings! How do you think who is your blog's average reader?