Friday, September 14, 2012

Finger Painting with Shaving Cream

Today we finger painted with shaving cream and food coloring.  Another pinterest idea I saw months ago!  It being Friday, a fun project was in order!

All that is needed is shaving cream and food coloring!

It's much more fun to use your fingers, but it will slightly stain hands.  If the stain bothers you, you might want to get paint brushes.  I figured with my young ones it was going to be messy anyway.  That's what baths are for, right!? :-D

I just put a huge glob of shaving cream on a foam plate and then added a small drop of Walton cake icing gel.  Mixed it in well, and walla!

It was an instant hit!  

Liam kept saying "Thanks so much mom! This was so so fun!!!"
Little does he know, these sensory projects are mainly for him. ;)

Jonah loved it!  He knows the drill, if you put it in your mouth, you can't do this anymore.  So... He decided to get extra creative!

First he pats his head!

Then gives me the "why are you laughing at me???" Look!!!

Then he touches his face!!! We were all rolling.  Then he got some on his lips by mistake and started getting upset because of the bad taste in his mouth and I had to spray him off.

As always, Jemima was the last one to finish up!  She stayed at that table making pictures till all the shaving cream was used up.

Don't you just LOVE her tattoo?!? She got it at the movies the other day when she went with a friend.  She thinks she is big stuff!

Clean up was super easy!  After everyone was done, I just sprayed the table and plates off and left them out to dry. Then let the kids play in the water to wash off.  Very fun!

We will be doing this again in the near future! The "paint" dried amazingly well.  I would love to try this on canvas one day!  I think it would look really cool.  I would love to hang something like that up in my sewing/school room!

Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. Looks like great fun at your house! Thinking of you with the children you are hoping to get! Wish I could help, but we are barley scraping it together for our needs, but I'm supporting you and think you will make a great family to host these 3!