Sunday, September 23, 2012

Big Love

She's done it again, amazed me beyond belief.  She gave up something huge to her for the good of others.  In this particular instance this was something she has worked hard for and looked forward to for months.  I had saved for it and put the money aside a long time ago for it, long before we knew for sure we would be hosting this year.

We don't keep all of our financial business away from our children, I look at it as another learning opportunity. Though they don't know things like our income and the really important information, they are aware of what some things cost and how it is paid for. (like food, gas, and the electric bill) Kathryn is very interested in money and likes to watch me pay bills.  She loves to add large sums of money.  She's also a bargain hunter and likes to help me meal plan and shop. She knew about the money I had set aside for her.

She also knows what hosting costs.  She gave every cent she had for whole sale candy to help raise money to get those children from Latvia here.  She walked 3 different neighborhoods and did raise a lot.  But being wise beyond her years, she knows it's not enough.

We had a huge bill come in, it was expected, but the sum of it was a shock.  Enough to call a family meeting to order with the bid kids.  It was enough to rock my faith.  Should we not host?  How would it be possible now?  Without even being asked, without even bringing it up, Kathryn chimes in saying we can use the money we saved for her to do this special thing without even batting an eye.  She said it was way more important to her that those kids get here.  They are her brothers and sister, (even if it's only meant to be as host only) and getting them here, showing them real love, is 1000% more important than using the money for this other thing.  I tried to convince her I couldn't do that to her, seriously, she's worked over 100 hours for this.  She is insisting.  It will break her heart if those kids can't come here.  I can not take any credit for this amazing child.  I am nothing but a greedy needy human. She is the most giving, most loving, most compassionate, most unselfish person I have ever met.  I have much to learn from her!

It was enough to give me HOPE that yes, this IS possible!


  1. I'm crying!! What an amazing young lady you have!!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

  2. isnt it amazing to see gods love in our children ! great job katherine and we can all learn from you ; tho we were very excited to see you ky friends and you will for sure be missed !!!! bless you in making this decision

  3. LOVED reading this Sarah!! God shows His Face through our children, that is for sure!! <3 -Mishal