Monday, August 20, 2012

Team Work

Last week, after our huge homeschool back to school party, (we had well over 60 show up! It was great fun!!) my dad calls saying he had a friend that had peaches and cream corn for sale.  (My favorite!)  Silly me, not sure what I was thinking.  Last week was nuts.  Not only did we have that huge party, but I had so much sewing to do as well as schooling and housekeeping.  Why I thought I could take on another thing, I have no idea... But it was PEACHES AND CREAM!!!  I took 10 dozen. :-D  I'll remind you, I do not own a deep freezer either.

No big deal, I have a few sets of willing and capable hands to help me!

At one point they decided to have a contest to see who could find the biggest worm. :)

And then they started racing to see who could go the fastest!  That worked well for me!  We got it done in no time flat!

After we had enough shucked, Kat took it upon herself to cut out all the bag spots.  She did a fantastic job too.  I only had to remind her once not to cut off too much and I didn't even have to go in behind her when she was done because she got all the bad spots off herself.

It was fairly hard keeping tiny fingers OUT of my pan while I tried to cut the corn off the cob.  The Littles love peaches and cream too!

2 hours later we had 16 QT of my favorite corn bagged and in the freezer. (uh hum... had to eat some Popsicle's to make room... no one was complaining!) We work so fast as a team.  No job is too much because I've got my own troops to send in.

It sorta brought me back to my own childhood.  I use to help my family put up corn (and many other veggies.. fruit too!), but on a much larger scale.  I was happy to be able to share this with my own children, even though it wasn't a lot of corn.  Great homeschool lesson on how to put up things for the winter too.  It went along with out history lesson last week, as we are reading Little House and had just got to the point in  reading about how they put up food for the winter.  I didn't plan it, it just fell into place that way.  It was a lot of fun!  Might even buy a bigger freezer next year and do even more. :)

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  1. What fun! I miss things like this! We did tons of corn when we were children and I did quit a bit right after I got married, but no room now sadly to say!