Thursday, August 9, 2012

School Days... sorta!

We have started back to school! (sorta!)  The kids were so excited when the books came in we ended up starting earlier than we first planned, we've been back for a week and a day now.

It's so nice to be back on schedule! The house is staying cleaner, children are more calm, and already they are learning a lot.

We even took our first Field Trip!

Okay! So Dollywood is more for fun.  But while we were in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge we watched candy making (sooo making taffy next week!!!), blacksmiths working, glass blowing, and more.  Of course I was too busy answering questions and making sure a wild toddler didn't run away to take many pictures.  Usually the only time it was safe to shoot away, was while Jojo was on a ride or asleep! 

Jesse was tall enough for every single ride there, Kathryn was tall enough for all but the new Wild Eagle. She was so bummed, just 1 1/2 inches away from being able to ride it, next time! It was the best coaster I had ever been on.  Jesse and I had the hardest time not talking about it's awesomeness, knowing that would make her more upset!

Jonah on the "ho seee wound"

    No, she wasn't happy at all!  

Now we are home and it's back to the books!  No one is too sad, though we are a bit behind in sleep and this gloomy weather is making most of us grumpy.

Liam is doing amazing!  He is learning how to cut things out and paste them, he really enjoys doing it, and does a great job.  I am amazed at how well he is doing.  He sits and listens so well when I read to him, even when it isn't a picture book.

It's really been a relaxed first full week back.  I knew this trip to TN was coming, and wasn't even going to start school till after (we were only gone 2 days :)), so it's been light work. Math and reading was the main focus and some other things thrown in there for good measure.  We go full swing on Monday.

This is why we homeschool!  We aren't just learning when our noses are stuffed in a book, we are learning by real life experiences. The whole big wide world is our classroom, and there is no limits. The possibilities are endless.  I am so excited about this year!


  1. Love your post! Your children are beautiful! AND they are getting so big since I first "met" you!
    To bad we are not neighbors wouldn't it be fun for the children to get to play while we sit and talk?!! Happy day to you, Kim

    1. I would love to be neighbors with you!!! Our children always have a blast together as do we!!! We could sit and talk, sew, have coffee and cake!