Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th of July

 We had to get up bright and early and get the girl's ready for the parade!  Poor Jemima would NOT wake up!  I was fixing her hair in the van and she had to wait till after to eat, she's a sleepy head.  They had so much fun!!
Liam and Jonah weren't really into it, it was SO HOT!!  I think it was 103* at 11 am.  We had them under a nice shade tree and they watched some of it.  Jesse made out really well with the candy and the little guys really enjoyed that!

All the girls in the car got to get out and do a beauty walk for the float judges.  Here they all are lined up.

Really exciting stuff to get to ride in a parade in such a cool car!  It was so hot and sticky, but they did have a great time!

  After that we went out to lunch, got gas for the van, and came home to a wonderfully cool house and I snuggled up with little Stinky and took a nice long nap.  We opted not to see fireworks, we are under a burn ban right now because of the lack of rain we've had (seriously, the grass crunches when you walk on it!) and we decided a nice cool cinema was the best option.  The new Spider Man is GREAT! The kids were a tiny bit upset, but they have been promised an amazing firework show once the ban is lifted... and even better, Uncle Jacob will be here!

  6 days more, Jacob and his lovely family will be headed to the Bluegrass!!!  The wishes and prayers of everyone here have finally been answered and he's coming home to stay!!  I look forward to really developing  a good relationship with my sister in law and my nieces and nephew! Aside from the few times we have seen each other in person, we really don't know each other that well.  I can't wait to see those kids more!!!

  We leave for Nashville around noon tomorrow!!

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