Monday, July 2, 2012

Blogging Funk

Not much time for blogging here lately.  Between dancing recitals, t-ball, baseball, pageants, and sewing, there hasn't been any time.

Blogging also has taken a different turn it seems.

People use to blog about life!

About what went on in their every day to day...

More like a journal or even a long letter to all your friends to keep them in the loop on what's going on.

Now most blogs either want to teach you something or "inspire" you... They've lost that personal touch that I loved!!

I miss the way it use to be.  I love the DIY ideas I see sometimes, and even the "uplifting" ones are nice from time to time, but not every single time.  It's all just lost my interest.  I miss the real ones, the day to day joys and struggles. Real everyday people, just like me. Those are what inspired me the most. The ups and downs of mothering and how we still push through no matter what.  This was the only ME time I often took, and now some of those blogs just make me feel guilty and almost make me question myself, am I good enough?!  You know?

I've just lost blogging interest I guess.  Oh, don't worry!  I plan to come back.  Lots going on and even though I might be the only one reading this, I can blog for me.  I am going to want to remember these days!

I have been watching my baseball prodigy TARE UP the field.

Seriously, you seen other 7 year olds make catches like this?? Bragging here I know, but Jesse does this every single time!!!

My girls grace the stage in either dance or pageants.

Liam actually learn to write and use a fork properly! (Huge step guys, learning to hold that fork was harder than potty training!!)

And my little Jonah growing to be not so little anymore.  He's so independent, just like his sisters!!

This blog will never have the fancy wording, the pictures will always be just normal family shots, and I might even vent from time to time.  But that's me, and I'm just trying to keep this place real. :)


  1. I know what you mean about blogging! I enjoy reading peoples every day going on's and about their lives, the best! I mean, its fun to see if someone did a diy or a new recipe or something.. but I'm like you, I lose interest if that is all its about!

    1. Hey Jennifer!!

      Not seen or heard from you in awhile! How are you? Could you email me your blog??

      So good to hear from you!!!

  2. I know what you mean! I only read a handful of blogs now that hold my interest. I still blog mostly of day to day stuff..not much time for any more that that anyway