Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Because It's Tuesday

Ryan walked in just a few minutes ago with 12 long stem pink roses, because it's Tuesday he says.  Not that today is any different from any other Tuesday we've shared. The house is trashed, dinner isn't made, and we are in somewhat of a rush to get the crew out the door for a baseball game. This amazing man just took the time out of his day to pick out some beautiful flowers just for me, just because.  I feel pretty special!

Insanely busy week this week!  Stinky gets to ride in a convertible in the 4th of July parade tomorrow (Georgetown for those wanting to know!), as part of one of the prizes to the high title she won at a pageant last weekend.  Mini Supreme, second highest score of the day!! She's is so very excited! Kathryn gets to ride with her (she won Queen, highest title given for her age group) but it's Jemima's spotlight.  This is a pretty big deal for a 3 year old!

I have glitz swimwear to sew, a few sashes, and I've got to finish a couple dresses I am making for a friend.. I should have finished them LONG before now, but I've been freaked out I'd mess up. lol  Crazy I know, for me, this should be easy.  I've got one cut out and I've read how to sew it together at least a dozen times.  I am going to grow some nerve and get to work.  Sorry my dear friend it has taken me so long! I haven't forgotten... Just been scared to cut this beautiful fabric!!! :)

I've got to get this house in order.  The girls and I leave on Friday for Nashville for Lux Nationals pageant.  They are excited, but I get the feeling we might just be in over our heads.  This is going to be great fun though! I've never seen either of them practice so hard before.  I can not leave the boys with this huge mess. *sigh*  I've been so busy sewing, housework takes a back seat.  I am NOT one of those gal's that live to clean.  That would be my sister (Love ya Rach!), I just can't bring myself to be neat. People often ask me, is there anything you can't do?  Yes!  I can not keep a clean house and I can not play the violin! Woe is me.  I am working on it though!

Two days in a row of blogging, not bad!

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  1. I'm totally in over my head this week too!:) good luck with the sewing! sweet about the roses:)Thats the best when its just because!