Monday, July 30, 2012

Back To Normal

This past week has been really normal.  We are getting caught back up in housework, made time for homemade meals everyday, baseball practice, baseball games, sewing, playing, enjoying our time together without worry.

Liam feels amazing.  He spends his time playing, eating a lot, swimming, and trying to talk me into letting him watch tv... We sort of spoiled him.  He really enjoyed having Popsicle for breakfast (or anytime he wanted really) and doing nothing but watching movies.  However, it has all come to an end.  It's time to go back to the way it was before he was sick. :)

School starts 1 week from today!!  It is time to somewhat get back on a good schedule, get this place put back it order so we can all function again.

Jonah's first time finger painting! Once he realized it wasn't for eating, he was so amazed at what he could do!  The look on his face says it all.

Making more time for hands on play!

 Even though this genius (ME) had just scrubbed the table, not 20 minutes before!  Jemima drew that butterfly first, and then painted it!

                   Sewing brand new dresses for the girls, because they've outgrown most of their old ones.  Kathryn helped a lot!  I see an amazing seamstress in the making! 

My All Star playing second base all weekend.  Our first game, we won because of him!  Caught 3 popups and then had 3 more outs at second... Not evening counting the few times he threw the ball and got an out at first.
At the end of the game, the umpire tossed the game ball to Jesse and said "awesome game second baseman!"  Then to top it off, Coach gave Jesse another ball for a job well done and bought the whole team ice cream.

I am excited to start our school year next week.  I know amazing things will come of it and I can't wait to start!  This week we are enjoying the last little bits of summer before it all comes to an end!

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  1. Sooo happy that thing are back to normal for you all! The children look happy! And the sunshine does everyone well !! We are thinking about school again too!