Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When a part of your heart is far away

                                                    (Kathryn and her Elite Supreme crown!)

Kathryn is in Florida with her best friend, Jenna.  They left out Friday and she won't be home till late Saturday night.

She has Jesse's cell phone, the one Ryan wrote a tracking program for so we would always know where she is. I was able to even see what the place they were staying in looks like.

She is good about calling to let us know she's having the time of her life.

I miss her bad.  Her siblings miss her bad! (Like at this very moment, Jesse is cleaning her room as a surprise, even though we still have 4 more days till she's here.)  Jemima says she's mad at Kat because she left her behind.

 (the girls having a "spa" day... After mudding Stinky's face, Kat did her own and they laid in the sun with cucumbers on their eyes... haha!)

4 days, so close, yet so far away!