Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Update

I have once again fallen off the raw wagon.  I have just been so busy!  However, I am all raw for breakfast and all snacking is raw. So I am making better choices and still losing weight, just not as fast. I plan on going back to 100% on Monday.

I've really been enjoying playing with my camera.  The girls needed new pageant photos so we had makeovers and had a shoot.  The picture above of Kathryn is one of them.  I didn't get to retouch it other than remove a shadow and turn it into black and white.  I needed it fast for a headshot picture of a pageant we are doing in Ohio on March 10th. I'll post the finished touch up later.

I am so excited!! Kathryn and I are going away for a whole weekend alone.  We are going to a natural and glitz storybook pageant in Canton, Oh.  We made some great friends at the pageant we did on Kathryn's birthday and we are meeting them there to hang out and just have a great weekend.  I've never gotten the chance to go away with 1 child before, I don't know who is more excited, her or me!! :)  I plan on doing this with each child one day.

Let's see, what's gone on. Oh! Kathryn's birthday pageant.  It was amazing.  I ate some crow... figured I'd let her do glitz, only because it was her birthday, and ALL SHE WANTED. Thought I'd hate it, thought she'd hate it, and that would be the end of that! HA!! It was a blast!!! We all had a great time!

Both girls did amazing in the natural part, Jemima really shone.  I mean, did better than most 4 year old's, let alone her age group.  I had a feeling little sis just beat big sis on her birthday....  When a little one goes up there and does that good, it doesn't go unnoticed!

Then it was time to get ready for glitz, I am not going to pretend for even a second that I knew what we were getting in to!  I know nothing about hair and makeup, and since it was her birthday, I left her in the hands of someone that did.

Kathryn was hooked the second she climbed in that chair.  I mean totally HOOKED. (I'll get to what she's up to today in a minute.)

Little Miss Stinky Tink all glitzed up was hooked too.  She loved the makeup and hair.  I got her ready myself, I knew that couldn't be too hard, right? (thank you youtube!!!)  It wasn't, she sat very still so excited.

Kathryn was getting ready in another room with the Glam Squad while I got Jemima ready.  Jemima had already done her beauty (and did it well!) and was already in her first outfit change before I went back to get Kathryn.  It was almost time for her to go on.  I walk into the dressing room and scan it.  I didn't "see" her and started to walk out when I hear "I'm over here Mom!"

True story, I DIDN'T KNOW MY OWN CHILD!!! She looked 15, yeah, it scared the crap out of me.  However, wow, she looked so different!!  (I am keeping my shot gun after all, we are in some serious trouble when she's a teenager, she is drop dead beautiful!) She took the stage along with 8 other girls for line up, most of them top models.  I figured we had slim to no chance of pulling anything.

Then it's her turn to go on alone.  Her head was held high, she walked on with so much confidence, she had this.  Didn't matter that everyone else's dresses were better (custom made, costing more than my first car no doubt), didn't matter that she was the only one without a wig (she doesn't need one, she has so. much. hair!!), didn't even matter that she was the only one without a coach.  She had this!!  Mine and Ryan's weren't the only one's jaws to drop.  When she walked on stage, you could have heard a pin drop, everyone was watching.

The rest of the pageant went off great.

We had some silly moments.

We had what Kathryn called a "SASSY" moment.  And all in all, she says this was the best birthday ever.

We had an after pageant party that night, we brought cupcakes and everyone sang to her, and then they danced, had a mom's pageant... I was totally forced into it, I hate getting on stage.  And then it was finally bed time and we all crashed.  Next morning was crowning.  

Just like I thought...
Jemima beat her sister, on her birthday.  She got 0-5 Grand Supreme!  Her first high title.  Kathryn knew she earned it was and was very proud of her.

Kathryn won her age group! That was a huge win for this being a national pageant.

Then it was time for glitz crowing.  Jemima got 1st runner up out of 4 little girls, so that was an awesome win. Then it was time to crown Kathryn's group.  Now I never get nervous for her, she's a big girl, what ever happens, happens, this is just for fun.  But on this day, I WAS NERVOUS!!!  They called 7th runner up, then 6th, then 5th, then 4th (my heart was pumping here), then 3rd, then second.... then 1st!  Then "please welcome your new 1212 winter wonderland glitzy cuties QUEEN, step forward contestant number 14, Kathryn Grace!!!"  She wasn't even upset she didn't supreme, because she knew what she just did.  She went to a national pageant, first time glitz ever, and just outshone some serious top models, some of them have been coached since birth.  Yes, I am bragging here. :-D  If you know anything about pageants, you know this NEVER happens, EVER! 

3 lovely beauty QUEENS!!! New friends truly are awesome! 

I remember in the car going home, Kathryn (and Stink for that matter!) said they were now glitz girls.  Kathryn insisted that from now on, they would practice every single day.  It has been a month, and they have both practiced every single day.  We have stepped it up a notch, Kathryn is now being coached too.  She's had 1 lesson so far.  We taped the routines she was given and she's been playing it over and over and practicing for about 2 hours everyday. (this is not forced, she does it on her on. I am called in to watch when she's ready for me to see.)  We are about to put all this to test Sunday.  She looks amazing.  We also got her a better dress.  I am going to make the next one, there just wasn't time right now.  Sunday is another natural and then glitz pageant, but crowing is the same day this time.  I feel more ready for this one than the last, that is for sure.  We know what is to be expected now.  Even better, Aunt Rachel ( my sister) is coming with, and we are leaving all the boys home.  It's going to be a great day!

So I guess I am a real pageant mom, I am not crazy or insane like those nuts on tv, and I never will be.  This is just for fun.  The day the girls say it is over, it's over.  But they have my full support, and I can not believe I am admitting it, but I do love seeing them on stage. And for the record.  Most pageant mom's aren't like those nuts on tv!!! They seriously do find the worst ones to air.  I've met a couple that were rude, but for the most part it's all been very positive.  We've met some amazing people and made great friends too.

Anyhow, I have been sewing a LOT here lately.  Like every single day.  Random stuff (most not for us.) from diaper repairs, children's clothing, and even Jane Austin style dresses for a friend.  I am busy!

I made this cute little outfit for a little girl last week. Not my little girl, and she was a bit upset that those awesome ruffle pants weren't for her.  So I had to make her some too, however hers are zebra print (you'll have to wait till after the pageant to see!!)

And for those of you that are thinking "oh man, she's totally changed, what happened to that hippie mama???"  Don't worry!! She's still here!!  Check out my awesome cake!

hehehe  Hey! It's gluten free!  I made this for a blessingway, it was for one of my dearest friends in the whole world.  

I still burn my incense, put my baby in cloth, wear him everywhere, and yes, he's still in my bed.  I still eat organic and clean with natural products, and seriously limit the tv intake in my home.  I am still strongly for ALL human rights and against routine vaccines. So don't worry, it's still the same old me. :-D

How's that for random?

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