Thursday, February 2, 2012

I want to watch them grow old!

Mothering 5 children, 5 small children at that, is no easy task. I am lucky to get the little sleep I do get.  In our rush to do our school, go to activities, keep chores up, and the house somewhat presentable, we have forgotten to slow down and really plan out our meals.  We live very close to so many great places to eat. Like less than a mile.  It is so easy to just call something in.  Here lately with Jess being in karate 4 nights a week, the girls dancing another night, and just other stuff, having someone else make dinner has been the case more often than not here lately.

Nothing good has came from it!  We had less spending money (you can guess what it would cost to feed a family of 7!) and it was seriously making us ill.

We had what we thought was a stomach bug, it was bad.  Everyone but Jonah, Jemima, and myself had it.  Liam got the sickest.  Poor boy was sick every day for 8 days long.  Just when we were about at the point to take him in, he started to get better and it dawned on me what we had ate before we got sick.  We had been to Happy China, our favorite spot to eat and we can all eat for about $25.  I had a small bite of the sweet and sour chicken and to me it tasted like it was at the spoiling point.  I voiced this, but Ryan insisted it was fine.  That's Liam's favorite, and he ate a plate full!  Jemima and Jonah didn't eat any of it and they were fine.  That will teach them to listen to me! ha!

Anyway, after that ended my mom started a detox through facebook (We are always taking new members for those interested!!) and at first it was just going to be that for me, two week raw detox.  (BTW, I ended up taking 4 days off facebook but went back, mainly for this detox support!)  Then I went to and I've changed my mind.

Now I don't eat 100% healthy all of the time, but I don't eat 100% bad either.  When we have burgers, I can only eat about half, same with anything.  However, an unhealthy lifestyle has destroyed my thyroid and I've put on pounds after Jonah was born that I am still in shock they came on.  I am seriously over weight.

I've also started having chest pains.

Asthma has flared up at least 5 times since the cruise.

Leg pains are back in full force.

Panic attacks are back.

I feel like crap!

I am shortening my life span with the food choices I have been making.  I am slowly digging my own grave.  Coming from the health background I come from, I will be lucky to live 20 more years if I go on this way.  I guess if it was just me I had to take care of, that would be 1 thing, but.....

Jesse the juice man making breakfast!

Princess Kathryn, my 6 year old who lost her first tooth at her birthday party!

Liam my 3 year old walking miracle.

 Jemima my artest, my stinky tinkerbell. 

My 8th month old Jonah with all his giggles and cuddles.

Count um up!  I have 5 good reasons to change! I can not put myself in the ground while these guys still need me.  It's not fair for them to see me making myself sicker.  It's not fair of me to feed them the same stuff!!! I want to see them grow and and have families of their own, I want to see them grow old!


Here we are again, trying the raw diet.  We are on day two and so far so good.  I don't want just a detox, I want a lifestyle change.  I don't want to be sick anymore. I don't want to cause my children to get sick anymore.  It is not only my job as their mother to teach them how to obey, to be happy, to stay clean, to clean up after themselves, to be helpful, loving, and so on. It is also my JOB to teach them healthy eating habits. IT'S MY JOB!!! Yes, like in everything, I am 100% sure I will stumble and make more mistakes, but at least I'm here trying to better myself everyday. It is never too late to change and do the right thing. We can only move forward.  Right now we are moving forward. I am not sure what the future holds, but I can only hope we are taking the right steps to better health.

Food is fuel. Eat to LIVE, don't live to eat!!!


  1. Good for you Sarah!

    I've come to that realization myself recently. While we aren't doing a Raw diet, I've been really trying to watch what we're eating and where I'm shopping at. It's worth it to me to spend more money on food that I know will be good for us. I'm also tired of being fat and want to feel good about myself again.

    I figure, like you, that in the long run, I am the one being the example for Dylan. If I'm not doing it, where is he going to learn healthy eating habits?

  2. Sarah,
    I hope I get to meet you in person someday. you are such a good and conscienious mom and wife. I think Ryan is a very lucky man to have found you /or you him. Your children are absolutely adorable and it is good to see a mom who cares as much as you do. We'd love to have you come for a visit if you ever want to see the Grand canyon we are 3 hours from the north rim, 2.5 from Vegas and have skiing almost in our back yard in Brianhead. Just let us know. Clara

    1. We would love to come for a visit!!! Thank you so much. :)

  3. Amen, sister! I think we owe it to our kids to teach them this early on. But, like with everything in life, we've gotta practice what we preach!

  4. this is so awesome! I am reading with great interest how this goes for you guys! Hope you blog often about it!