Saturday, February 25, 2012

9 months old!

My adorable little boy is 9 months old today!  (excuse the drool, he's teething big time :))

Jonah is such a funny boy!  He's not as mellow as he use to be, and is bound and determined to get into everything.  He has a great eye for trouble.  He can trash a room in seconds.  We all adore him though!

This week he learned a new trick, WALKING!!! It's no where near perfect, but partly that is because he is trying to run.  He's like his big brother and only has one speed, and that's super fast.

He now has 3 teeth with 2 more teeth almost through.

He's going to be a talker.  He can say MANY words and he started saying "I da do (I love you)" when someone tells him they love him. (which so happens to be about a billion times a day!)  His favorite word is "mama".  The cutest thing, he falls over and we say "Jonah, you okay?" and he says "YUP!"  This is where he reminds me of Kathryn, he actually understands perfectly what we are saying.  You tell him not to touch something, he grins and does it anyway and then says "NO, NO, NO!!!" I have a feeling this one will keep me on my toes.  Oh another thing he does when we say "shew you stink! did you poo poo??" he says "YUP!" :-D He is so smart!!!!

I can not believe in just 3 months we will be celebrating his birthday! :-D

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