Monday, January 9, 2012


Kids trying on their formal wear for the cruise.

Has it really been more than 2 months since my last blog post?!  There is good reason for that, I have NO CAMERA!!! :(  On our awesome vacation, I was sitting in the water filming Jemima playing on the beach in Belize and a wave came up out of nowhere right over my head totally soaking me and my camera. The screen went black with in seconds and I couldn't turn it on or off.  I quickly took the battery out and put it in the diaper bag and said my prayers that it would work again once dry.  To make a long story short, it came to life for a week.  Then the motor that controls the lenses died.  It will turn on, but that's about it.  Ryan "thinks" he can fix it, but who knows.  I've reached the stage in my life that I am ready for a better camera, one like the pros use, and I am just short a couple hundred bucks in getting it!  Ryan thinks I'll have it in my hands next week, we can hope, right?

Anyhow, my RAW diet has 100% gone out the window.  I was doing amazing!  I forget when we broke it, but I remember why we did.  We ate cooked and the whole family felt awful for 2 days.  We quickly decided to end the diet because vacation was soon and no one wanted to feel bad while on it!  Now that the trip has come and gone, the Holidays are over, no more huge trips are planned, it is time to get serious... I've just not set it in stone when to start.  My juicer has all it's parts and I'd like to kick off a vegan diet (not 100% raw) with a 48 hour juice fast, you know, to clean myself out.  Like I said, no dates set in stone yet.

Our trip was AMAZING!!! It was just what we needed.  We swam, ate, rested, ate, played, ate, hiked, ate, rested on sunny beaches, ate, and that's pretty much it!  Jonah found a love for watermellon.  He ate watermellon 3 times a day plus other stuff.  He gained a whopping 2 lbs in just 1 week!! Kathryn and I went snorkeling in Belize, I can not tell you how much fun that was!  This little girl is a fish.  I don't know if being born in water had something to do with it, or it's just her. She was out there in over 100 ft of water, right at home!  The waves were huge.  They even made divers and life guards wear a life jacket because it was so rough!  Kathryn was able to breath through a snorkel like she had been doing it all her life.  The awesome people giving the tour insisted that she must have had lessons somewhere.  Nope, that was her first time.  She was face down taking it all in, the huge waves never once bothered her.  It was so amazing.  We swam around an island that was surrounded by the most beautiful coral reef I've ever seen. The tropical fish were so big and beautiful and in a rainbow of colors!  I got to dive down about 30 ft and pick up a sea cucumber for Kathryn to touch, and one of the guides dove down and got a huge conch shell for her to hold. Ryan hung out at the island beach with the other kids playing in the waves.  It was the perfect day.  We also saw the Mayan Ruins in Mexico, laid on a beach in Honduras, and ate ourselves silly on the boat.  We were going to swim with the sting rays in Grand Cayman, but the waves were too rough to get off the ship.  It was a blast!!  I've got some pictures to share, but they are on my laptop.  We also took some underwater shots as well, but we still haven't had those developed.

Driving to Miami wasn't that bad!  We stopped in Macon, GA (day before Thanksgiving) on the first night, Had Thanksgiving lunch at exit 5 in GA, then made it to Orlando by 5, went to Medieval Times for dinner (still can not believe they were opened for Thanksgiving!), swam at the hotel, and the next day Jemima's dream came true and she got to meet Mickey Mouse and the "REAL" Tinker Bell!! She was scared to death of half the rides (in fact, she only enjoyed the teacups, small world, and dumbo!) but she still had a great time and is begging to go again.  It was packed on Black Friday!  I guess the people there didn't get the memo that they were SUPPOSE to be shopping!!!
After Disney World we drove to Cocoa Beach and slept like a rock.  We left Disney at midnight and got to Cocoa Beach early in the morning, then on to watch N.A.S.A launch the rocket, it was so cool! Ate at our use to be favorite spot (it use to be a local secret!!!:(  Now it's over crowded and the food ain't the greatest!) and hit the road again for Miami. I.HATE.MIAMI!!! That is all I will say about that.  We ordered huge pizzas at the hotel there and swam till we were all shriveled up like prunes.
The next day we got up early and got on the ship.  Getting on was interesting.  Guess how many times I was asked "are they all yours??" My word people are rude!  One lady informed everyone LOUDLY in front of my kids "that poor women!!! I wouldn't ever want her life!!!"  Jesse looked at me sadly "mama, they feel sorry for you?"  I nodded my head "but WHY?!?"  I reminded him that people don't know how awesome kids are and live sad lonely lives. (uh, yeah, I was REALLY LOUD)  That shut the her up.  I am so far over being nice to rude people. Ryan was asked if he was a preacher! haha! Ryan! A Preacher!! Yeah, NO!  Interesting though, it took forever, it was HOT, and people were rude.  We were exhausted and tired and seriously wondering if this was all worth it.  It WAS!  People on the ship saw how fun kids could be and people even came up at the end "at first I thought you had lost your minds taking this many kids on a cruise, but you do have a wonderful family and we've enjoyed getting to know you all!"  For those of you wondering, would we do it again?? YES!!! In fact, we are already planning our next one!!!
The drive home was not so much fun. Jonah was so over the car seat by the time we hit GA the rest of the trip was LONG.  I was seriously thinking of throwing myself into oncoming traffic. He was SO. LOUD!  We got home, all was well. :-D

I wasn't home a week and I was flying to TX with Jonah to visit my friend, Jenin!  We had been pen pals for years, I think I was 12 when we first "met."  I was there 4 days and I had a blast.  I really missed my other kids though and don't think I'll leave them all for so long anytime soon, but I had a great time!

Then Hanukkah hit!  I got the best surprise of all, Jacob came in from AZ!  It had nearly been 3 years since I saw him.  That was great!  We also went to Great Wolf Lodge (this time in Sandusky Ohio) for the weekend and just enjoyed Ryan's 4 day weekend.

7 months old!
Jonah is a lucky little man.  On his 6th month on earth he spent it at Disney World, 7 months at Great Wolf Lodge.  The kids insist we need to go somewhere for his 8th month, but I am seriously over traveling for at least a month or so!
I can not believe he's 7 1/2 months!  He is crawling at record speed.  I can not believe how fast he really is.  He can pull up to stand, cruise, let go and stand on his own for a few seconds and tests this to see how long he can go all the time. He feeds himself, drinks from a straw and a sippy cup.  He can clap his hands, do "so big", and over this past weekend he started throwing kisses!  He has 2 teeth with another soon to be through, and he's got a heart stopping grin.  I give him a month and he will be walking, I am not ready for that!!

  We are finally getting things back to normal on the home front!  Today was our first day back to school, back to doing our chores, and back to minding our manors.  It's gone much easier than I thought.  Kathryn is about to turn 6 on us though, and we've got a huge pageant to plan for and her party!  We have nothing planned for the whole month of February, and I'd sure like to keep it that way!


  1. How exciting! You do have great kids! I love living vicariously through you! We moved in November and now live about an hour from Miami. (I hate it too) lol

  2. I love Cocoa Beach!

    Love little Jonah.. what a sweetie pie!

  3. Now that sounds like a vacation!

  4. Wish we were on your way as we planned..... I was bummed. Sorry about the camera, BUT your new one, OH MY I WOULD LOVE to shoot a few pics with it ;O)