Thursday, January 19, 2012

So Long Facebook!!!

I knew this day would come, just didn't know when. Today is that day, I am finally over it!  I want real friendships, real people, real one on one time, and real support.

For the facebook users that would like to keep in touch, you can catch me on skype (sarah.dawson01) email (, or call me (ask for my number!!)

I am leaving my page up so I can still use my Crazy Cloth page and keep all my pictures and posts, but I will no longer be using that (at least for now).

So long!!!


  1. I will miss you! I dont blame you at all though! Do you text message?

  2. DRAT! My comments keep disappearing!

    I'm with Rachel. :)

  3. Not fun. I'll miss seeing the new pics of the kids. I guess we will have to get together for a playdate then.

  4. Yep, I don't use mine for the same reasons! But had to make a "real" page for my business, I HATE it that people that I know but are not friends ask to be a fb friend, I felt that these people, many of the ones I grew up around only wanted to snoop up on us. We live outside the box now and I'm sure they enjoyed having us to talk about.... all that was maybe in my head.... then again probably not. I never get a thinking of you e-mail.... from ALL my "friends"! I like friends that I've had on line, and you are one of them!

  5. Wow! No more facebook? Good for you. I definitely want to keep in touch. Don't stop blogging :)