Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My little night owl!

Jonah last night at 11:15 pm STORY TIME! Taken with Ryan's phone, these would be so much more adorable with a real camera!

For the past week we've had a little night owl on our hands.  He is such a happy little owl, there really is no room to complain! The only bad thing is, Ryan and I usually like having the nights to ourselves, to catch up on one another's day.  Lately, we've been taking turns playing with Jonah!

I think he likes it because he gets us to himself, it's like he knows he can be an only child if he will only stay awake.

I thought I'd turn some music on in hopes to wear him out.  He just crawled over to my computer, pulled himself up, and had a little dance session... 

11:30 PM Dancing

11:45 PM still going strong!

He stood there and danced for 20 minutes straight! He was really getting brave and letting go to clap his hands and just before midnight he fell over and started to fuss.

12:01 am starting to get sleepy! 

I took him upstairs, kisses his fuzzy soft hair, tucked him in next to me snuggling and nursed him. He was "sleeping like a baby" at 12:15 AM. 

I wonder what tonight will bring!