Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Kathryn Grace!!!!

Dear Kathryn,

 Today you are 6 years old. 6!!! How is that possible? Where did time go? It just seems like yesterday you were born into my arms, and now you're half way through being a child. I know for sure if I blink you'll be a teenager asking me for the keys to the car.

I remember your birth like it was yesterday. When I found out that you were a girl, I can not tell you how thrilled I was. I yelled out "It's a girl,it's a girl!!! I really have a girl!!"  I brought you up to me and said "aww, look at your fat little face! We are going to have so much fun!!!"  I meant that in a good way, with all the love in the world.  You had my heart the second our eyes met.

I had no idea motherhood could be so easy. Sure, you've had your moments, and you're not perfect, but you are such a good girl.  You are everything and more than I could have ever dreamed of in a daughter.  You are so smart, funny, kind, loving, helpful, and so very special to me.  I couldn't make it through the day without you, you are my right hand. I can always count on you to be there when I need help.  Your little siblings adore you. Thank you so much for helping with them.  They won't ever forget you fixing them breakfast, helping them get dressed, or giving Jemima makeovers, playing ball with Jess.  They are going to remember forever and know they were so lucky to have such a wonderful sister.

You make it count, that is one of the things I love the most about you.  You love everything, with your whole heart. You see something you want, and you go after it with every ounce of your being.  I have learned so much from you.  You prove time and time again that if you believe in yourself, you can truly be or do anything so long as you set your mind to it. I love watching you on stage whether it be in pageants or dance, and even out on the ball field. You bring a smile to so many eyes, and warm everyone's heart.

I love the way you are. You demand respect, don't let people get the better of you, and stick it out when the going gets rough. Don't ever change, sure you will grow up, but always be true to yourself. You are perfect by just being yourself. I know you know this.  One thing, please don't grow up too fast!!!

I know I am not just raising a daughter, I am raising my very best friend.  I can not picture my life without you Kathryn, and I don't want to! God smiled down and gave me the hugest blessing when He gave you to me.  I'll never feel worthy enough to be your Mom, but I am, so I will do my very best to give you the best.  Our family just wouldn't be the same without you.  Your smile, your cheerful mood, your willingness gives us all reason to strive to be better.  I love you so much!

Love Always,

My beautiful little girl.

PS Knock um dead at the pageant today!!!! We are all rooting you and Jemima on!!!


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  2. Happy Birthday Kathryn!!! And good luck to you and Jemima today!!!