Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm glowing!!!

I cut 23 inches of hair off yesterday!! I'M FREE!!!

I am not pregnant! I have been asked if I was probably 8 times in the past week! My liver is enjoying all the raw foods I am pumping in and my skin now has a beautiful healthy glow!  I glow while pregnant, so I am guessing people see my raw glow and think number 6 is on the way. I even tested to be sure, I AM NOT PREGNANT!

I am doing well.  I've been 100% raw now 5 days in a row. I went to only 75% because we were gone all last weekend and it was so hard to not eat cooked out. I am home now and all raw. I feel amazing! I am going to try to get back to posting daily, but I am busy!  We leave 2 weeks from Wednesday for our vacation! I have so much to do it's not even funny.  I'm repairing diapers for someone, sewing clothes for a few more, and then I'm going to make some outfits for Jojo because he's way too big for the clothes he wore over the summer.  It's pretty hard to find summer clothes in November!

I am not going to be all raw on my vacation.  I also am having Thanksgiving at my house on the 12th. I can't wait to see everyone, however, I don't want to break my raw diet.  I feel amazing.  I feel more energetic, my thoughts are clearer, and I'm just over all happy!  I am only down 8 lbs (thanks to not eating very good for the 25% that was cooked...), but I feel my body is healing.  Ryan is also starting to feel good.

The kids are awesome.  Jesse has totally calmed down!  I was having serious issues with him acting out and just a couple days of tweaking his diet, he's really mellowed out.  I've got my boy back!  Kathryn is about the same, but her skin is also starting to take that glowing look.  Liam is having the hardest time, he hates salads. I have him mostly on fruit and raw nuts and he loves those.  He asks for curtain favorites daily though.  Tinkerbell is fabulous!! She loves being raw probably the most.  She found out that burgers were cows and chicken nuggets were chickens and she was so upset she cried!

She has enlightened me that you really shouldn't give your children meat till they are old enough to decide for themselves if they want to eat meat (or junk for that matter!) or not. At least till they are able to understand that they are eating animals.  I am for animal rights, but I do not think it is wrong to eat them. I myself enjoy a steak just as much as anyone every once in awhile.  But I think the person eating it should be able to understand that what they put into their mouth was once alive. It never even dawned on me that I didn't tell her she was eating animals! (OOPS!!)  She's an animal lover, I can see her working as a vet in a huge zoo somewhere one day. That was totally my mistake.  So raw agrees with her well.

My milk supply has had such a huge jump! Jonah and Jemima are really loving that!   Jonah is also eating raw fruits a little bit (bananas, apples, grapes... all pealed and mashed of course!) and he looks great. Once my juicer replacement parts come in I am going to make him raw juice.  I wasn't going to let him start on soilds so soon, but he made it loud and clear HE was ready.

(Yes, that is a sposie on his bum... as I said, we've been busy, we were gone all last weekend!)

Little goober is nearly crawling! He gets on his knees and rocks, and then crawls a bit and then starts this really funny looking inch worm movement to get where he wants to be. He is determined to be a big boy! That makes me sad.  I said to him the other day "listen here little man, if you want to be the youngest for a long time, you BETTER BE MY BABY!!!" He just giggled at me, not sure what that meant! ;)

Well, house work is screaming my name.  I better get to it!