Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On this day 12 years ago.... and Day 3

I was 16 years old, and on this day on this day 12 years ago,one of the greater things that has ever happened in my life was about to happen! I was about to welcome a new baby sister.  (I can not find a picture of a newborn Susanna!)

6 months old and going potty! EC ROCKS!

She was welcomed by 3 much older siblings and we all fell in love.  We all fought for turns at holding her, I was usually the one that won!

Susanna Grace was my baby! I got to hold her for hours shortly after birth, I was the first to wash her, first to dress her, first to change her diapers. First one to get peed on (Yeah, thanks for that! lol).

She had many nicknames (poor kid!) given by her all too loving, yet well meaning siblings. Zannie was my favorite. I called her Zannie all the time.  She informed me about 6 years ago that her name was SUSANNA.  I sometimes slip and call her Zanna to this day, but she's pretty forgiving.  My Dad (He called me HOSS, so don't feel too bad Susanna) started calling her Baby Cakes (or BC for short).  Shortly after that, Jake started calling her that, and then everyone else took on Baby Cakes. Rachel called her Spider Monkey.  We each had a name for her! lol  She will always be Zannie to me though, even though I am forced to call her by her God given name, Susanna now.

She was a cute little thing, and just like her big sister, she had a mean streak. Partly to having so many big people wrapped around her little finger!  She said jump, every single one of us, including my parents asked "how high"  Grandma said "she's spoiled, I cal smell her all the way here in Florida!!" :-D  She wasn't spoiled though, just well/overly loved.

She was my girl.  I made sure to pack her with me everywhere I went.  Leaving her behind when I got married was one of the hardest things I had ever done. Luckily for the first year I was just next door.  I remember her walking her 4 year old self to my house with a change of clothes in hand wanting me to give her a bath.  Since birth that had been my job, and she wasn't willing to let someone take over any time soon! :-D

 Now she's nearly grown up on me! 12 years old! I remember being 12 myself, like it was yesterday!!  She's grown up to be a very beautiful and talented young lady.  You should see her dance!  You'd never guess she's only been doing it 3 1/2 years, she's got so much raw talent.  One of the best dancers I've ever seen.  She surely does have a huge future if she keeps this up. :)

She is now taller than I am too.  She has no problem reminding of my shortness every time I see her. lol

Now she's nearly grown and I got my own little girls to watch.  Susanna is the reason I am the mama I am, she pretty much taught me everything there is to know about being a mom.  She's no longer just my baby sister, she's one of my best friends too.

Such a good girl through and through. Loved by all.  Her nieces think she's the greatest person on earth. I've heard more than once from my girls that "when I'm all big, I want to be like Aunt Susanna!"

Zannie with my girls! 

Happy Birthday Zannie!! (hey, it's my blog, I can call you what ever I want here! ha ha!!)  I love you a lot!! Go for your dreams and follow your heart. I have no doubt life is just going to shine for you. I am so proud that I got to have a tiny hand in raising you. :) You make us all very proud. 

Day 3.

2 more lbs down!! I am not even exercising any more than usual. I had sweet potato pie for breakfast and apple pie for lunch.  I feel a lot more energetic today too! Who wouldn't after losing 12 lbs though!!  Got a lot done today, I've almost finished a diaper order, my house is almost cleaned, and the floors have even been mopped!  It's date night too, so even better!! 

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  1. Oh your posts make me tear up sometimes!

    Susanna really looks like an amazing and talented young lady. Hope she follows her dreams!

    YAY for feeling healthy and getting to go on a date! Have a blast. :)