Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Everyone needs a 5 year old!!

Kathryn Grace age 5

This little girl, wow, some days I would be totally lost without her!!!

Today for instance, is one of those days!  

I haven't been sleeping much due to my adorable 4 1/2 month old!

 He still thinks night time is for playing and eating. He nurses ALL. NIGHT. LONG! Which has been great with my others, I could sleep too. Ha! Not with Jonah! He insists on being playful! Every time I shut my eyes, he wacks me in the head!!! Then giggles when I jump awake.  Such a stinker!

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed, stumbled down the steps, and just sat on the couch willing myself to wake up.  I felt sick I was so very tired. I must have looked awful!

Kathryn comes in the room just as cheerful as can be and says "here ya go mama, this will make you feel all better!"  She places in my hands a hot cup of tea. TEA?!? Where in the heck did she learn to make tea??  I took a sip, thinking it would either be too strong, or not strong enough.  But no, it was perfect!! She had even sweetened it to my liking.  She then brought me a blanket and a plate of strawberries and bounced out of the room to play with Liam, Jemima, and the sleep thieving Jojo.

I sipped my tea, and it did the trick. I felt better.  We then went on with our school day, got everything done but math, and Ryan brings in lunch.  We get everyone fed and he helps me get the littles down for their naps (I was starting to crash again) and I laid down myself.  I told the bigs to finish math, if they came to a problem they needed help with, first help each other, and if that didn't help, wait till naps were over.  I was never once bothered.  

Not only did I come down to math lessons being finished (and books put away!!!), but I came down to a bathroom scrubbed, laundry going, dishes going, and glory be! Everything else was picked up too!!! 

Everyone needs a 5 year old! Today would have been rough without mine!!

I love you Kathryn Grace!! 


  1. What a beautiful story!!! You must be doing alot of things right ... I know you from HM4hb. I am the admin for Kentucky. I am so happy that I found your blog.. This really made me smile. Thanks <3

  2. @ Victoria Thank you so much! :-D

  3. Thanks, Sarah. :)
    I think what you mean is that everyone needs YOUR 5 year old. Haha I've had several myself and currently have one and yours is pretty special. :)

  4. WOW she sounds like a great 5 year old, someone must be training her right?!!

  5. It's all her. Nothing I have done to make her this way. She's just a great kid!

  6. wow!! Can I keep her!!!!!?????:):) All that goodness must have warmed your mommy heart!