Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 2

"Song, song of the South! Sweet Potato Pie and I shut my mouth!!"

My Mom posted a raw pumpkin pie recipe today (http://www.favediets.com/Gluten-Free/Raw-Pumpkin-Pie) and I knew that was something I must try!  However, the kids didn't want me to cut into their pumpkins just yet, so I used sweet potatoes.  Yes, it did in fact taste as good as it looks.  Actually, I think I like this pie RAW better!!!  The crust was out of this world great.  I changed the recipe quiet a bit, but this was amazing!  So good....
It was plate lickin' good!  The only one that didn't like it was Jemima. She hates pumpkin and sweet potatoes. No big deal, more for me!  100% guilt free, I can eat the whole thing if I want. :-D However, it is very filling and one slice after my cucumber, tomato, and dill salad, and I was very full!!

This was so great, all the kids ate seconds.  It has onions, garlic, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and liquid aminos, as well as dill, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  I saved the "juice" left over and will use it in a salad for later.  

We also had raw egg plant pizza today.  Surprisingly, this was awesome too.  Tasted just like pizza.  

It was a great raw day food wise. I ate a lot of bananas and apples. I was never once even tempted to eat something else.  The best thing about the whole family being raw, there is no temptation! The food I've been making lately though, it's not even missed.

Otherwise, this day was pretty lousy.  Everyone was in a mood, including the dog! Kids did the school and chores, very grumpy and grumbling. They were picking at each other too.  It is not because of the new diet, that I am sure.  My whole entire family is under stress right now (I mean family outside of my home) and the little guys are feeling it too.  They aren't really old enough to understand what is going on, but at the same time, they know something is up and are feeling everyone's sadness.  My sister was really abused by a jerk (who is now in jail, thank goodness!), but it was really bad. Please be praying for her and her 3 sweet boys! 

Tomorrow is cheat night. I'm not wishing for it as much as I thought I would! Ryan and I are going out kid free with his company. I plan on going pretty much full, that way my cooked intake isn't a lot. It's a sushi place, and that's raw, SO! Not really cheating all that much! :) I am looking forward to getting out of the house with just Ryan and I!  We don't do that often enough.

And now for something adorable!

Look who's sitting!! He can sit this way for a long time now. He can catch himself before he falls now too. He will be 5 months old one week from today! 

Day 2, nearly 3 lbs down. I still feel exhausted, though I am only getting about 4 hours of sleep at night and no naps.  I hope once my body gets use to being healthy I will either not need sleep OR I will be able to sleep.  Jonah only wakes up once or maybe twice, after he wakes up, I'm up for good.

Until tomorrow!


  1. I am on my way to check out the recipe!
    Looks yummy!

  2. I happen to have 2 uncarved pumpkind left!! Yay I an try the recipe:) Your baby looks pretty yummy too:):)