Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 1

My breakfast. Oranges, raw almonds, pineapple, and dates
I wasn't going to talk about going raw this time, too much negative response makes it harder to stick with it! :)  However, this time, I feel like if I blog about it, I'll be more likely to keep it up.  My goals really aren't all about weight loss. My thyroid is out of whack and I feel lousy!  I do have extra pounds that need to go, and I know that will come as I get my health back.

I was 100% raw for 4 days 2 weeks ago and I lost 8 lbs. My Mom had a family get together, which I had planned for, and I ate. That didn't really break the diet totally, I have been 75% to 50% raw ever since.  My weight didn't budge and I still felt pretty bad.  I think that is because when I did have something cooked, it was mostly junk! :-D  We were on the go way too much though, so it was put on hold till today.

The difference this time, there is no other food in my house.  My kids saw me raw two weeks ago and begged to try it too.  So we are on a trial run this week.  So far, so good!  We are planning 2 cheat days a week to make this easier.  Not something bad for you, but cooked.  My kids will eat everything and anything, today was normal, they didn't missed cooked at all.

Snack was green smoothies!

Liam didn't want to try it, he's the one that looks at something and if it looks strange he has to be forced into trying it! :)  I made him take a sip and he then finished the whole glass!  Easy snack, 2 frozen bananas, a whole pineapple, and a bunch of kale, and then blend. So yummy!

Lunch was AWESOME! 

Raw Burritos!! 

They were so yummy the kids were pretty much licking the bowl clean. :-D  All it was, 2 avocados, 5 roma tomatoes, 3 ears of corn (raw), a chili pepper, cilantro, and an onion. We rolled them up in bib lettuce.

Dinner was a huge salad with mango salsa (2 mango, 4 tomatoes, 2 onions, and cilantro) which was great.

Raw "Apple Pie" for a before bed snack.

Today was a good food day!  We didn't get a whole lot done today.  The house is a total mess.  We did get school work done, meals all made (raw egg plant pizza in the dehydrator for tomorrow!) and cleaned up after.  It takes a bit more time making meals raw. It's a lot of chopping and dicing on my part! :)  Jojo is teething big time and he's so clingy! He doesn't want to be in a pouch, wrap, or ergo. He wants to be in my arms.

I am going to try to blog everyday, might not get to everyday, but I will try!


  1. Good luck! You have my support:)

  2. Good luck to you guys!

    Can you explain a little bit about going raw? I have an idea but never really done any research on it. :)

  3. Raw is awesome but I can never manage it fully:) Ya it does help int eh weightloss department though...which is super motivating:) Good luck!

  4. I love eating raw! and it is SO good for you. I look forward to seeing/hearing what you are eating and getting some ideas for us too.

  5. Nevermind Sarah. I ended up researching it a little bit. :-)

    Good luck! I hope you can stick with it. I don't understand why people criticize though? What is it any of their business how you eat?

  6. can u post thr raw apple pie recipe?

  7. @momto9 I will do a blog post just for my raw apple pie! :-D