Saturday, October 22, 2011

Days 4, 5, and 6

I caught a cold.  It wasn't that big of a deal, just a slight sore throat and stuffiness.  Everyone but Jesse caught it as well.

Our dinner date was great!  We have finally found the perfect person to babysit!  Her name is Kelsey, and she's willingly agreed to watch my youngsters as often as I need.  My children adore her, so that's a plus too! So anyone in Lexington that needs a sitter, I'll give you her info, just so long as you don't take her away on the days that I need her! lol

I was 80% raw and still vegan on Thursday.  That's when the sore throat hit.  We had dance class, which was great for Jemima, but Kathryn isn't enjoying it.  They are dancing to kiddy songs and with stuffed animals, yes, that's perfectly normal for her age group, however she's just so mature it's boring for her. She loves dance, she dances around the house all day long, she just needs to be with older girls.  We go in for a fall festival tomorrow and I hope to get the chance to talk to someone and see if we can try another class.
Anyhow, with the sore throat and upset girl from dance, we decided on hot soup.  Bean soup actually, and it really hit the spot.  It was SO COLD out too.

Friday I decided to pack in the vitamin C and kick this cold.  I had 8 oranges and 3 grapefruits.  I felt great when Ryan got home and the kids somehow talked us into going out for dinner.  Whoops!  I had a headache and didn't feel like salad, so we did. ha.  We also went to Walmart to get a battery for my van and Kathryn wanted to get a doll with the money she had been saving.  Not just any doll, but the Tangled doll.  The only one this Walmart had!
Jemima did NOT understand that Kathryn PAID for the doll with her OWN money and boy did we have a melt down.  You have to know Jemima to truly understand this, she NEVER has a melt down.  She may be 2 1/2, but she's amazing and never has melt downs, she's a happy go lucky kid... This, Kathryn getting the Tangled doll (Tangled just so happens to be Jemima's favorite movie after Tinker Bell) and Jemima getting nothing broke her little heart.  So badly, she sobbed all through dinner, most of the way home (Kathryn let her hold her doll and that hushed her up till she took it back), at home and through bedtime routine, and then in bed... For a whole hour!!! She was just so sad! So we did what I swore I'd never do for a child just to shut them up... We got her dressed and Ryan took her to another Walmart (I live 10 minutes with in 5 Walmarts!) to get a doll for her.  She cried the whole way to the store till the doll was safely in her arms. It wasn't the spoiled brat yell "I WANT THAT BABY NOW!!" cry, no, she was sobbing as if someone killed her bestest friend.  Her heart was broken!  Needless to say, it was 11 when they got in last night.. That doll hasn't left her arms for more than a few minutes today.  She set her down when she had to eat, potty, shower, and brush her teeth.  You can bet the doll was right where she could see it though!

Today I woke up feeling fine, I was a bit tired, but otherwise okay.  We decided to go see Ryan's Mom and Grandmother who just so happen to be in the same nursing home. (Ryan's mom was just placed there... LONG story... she think's she's getting out next month, but I'm thinking she's going to be there for a long time)  No one had fevers, no more runny noses or coughing, so this was the perfect time to go.  That was nice. The other people living there were so sweet to my children, and the children really enjoyed being there.  I prepped them first, as they had never been in a home before.  I explained that the people living there didn't get visitors a lot, and they loved seeing children.  I asked them to say Hello to everyone they walked past and if the person wanted to chat with them, that they should respond.
Ryan's grandma has dementia and she didn't even remember him.  However there would be times she'd look at him and say "I know I know you, I just can't remember!"  She was so happy to see the kids though and we had a nice time visiting.  While she was hugging Kathryn goodbye she said "You are my first Granddaughter!" and no one had told her that before, so deep down, she does know us.
We visited mostly in the main room.  Many folks came up to see my 5 blonde headed blessings.  Jonah was a hit!  He grins at everyone and really showed off for whoever came over to say hello.  I let one lady hold him and that just really blessed her.
Jemima got a bit scared at one point.  There was this old man in a wheelchair that came over to talk and she was really friendly with him till she saw he had no legs, she started to cry and asked to go home.  I took her into the bathroom and we talked about it and I told her that man was just like Winter (Dolphin Tale).  He got hurt and lost his legs just like Winter got hurt and lost her tail.  She was okay after that and even walked over to him to say goodbye when it was time to go.
Liam is my most friendly child. He went up to pretty much everyone and said "Hi! I'm Liam! I'm 3 1/2 and I bumped my head a few days ago, but it doesn't hurt!" If the person was able to answer back, he would answer questions and then say "I love Bumble Bee, and Iron Man, and Spider Man, and Batman. Today Bumble Bee is my favorite!" He is the funniest kid ever. :-D
This was good for all of us.  If we are still enjoying good health, we plan on going again next week.
Bad thing was, I didn't even think about packing food.  By the time we left, I was so hungry I could have ate the food the nurses were serving there (and it looked YUCK!), so we had another cooked meal.  Let me tell you, it's HARD being raw when you are out.  At least I am staying about 75%  I hope I can be 100% tomorrow, but we have this dance thing, so I don't know.

I've lost another pound though, so at least I'm not gaining!  My hair doesn't seem to be falling out as much either.  I am at least being careful not to eat junk! I am getting better. My pants are starting to be too big.  So all in all, it's going pretty well!!  Being 75% raw is better than no raw at all! :-D

(I'll have pictures next time. Right now I am typing on my NEW laptop Ryan surprised me with and the picture program isn't set up yet!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On this day 12 years ago.... and Day 3

I was 16 years old, and on this day on this day 12 years ago,one of the greater things that has ever happened in my life was about to happen! I was about to welcome a new baby sister.  (I can not find a picture of a newborn Susanna!)

6 months old and going potty! EC ROCKS!

She was welcomed by 3 much older siblings and we all fell in love.  We all fought for turns at holding her, I was usually the one that won!

Susanna Grace was my baby! I got to hold her for hours shortly after birth, I was the first to wash her, first to dress her, first to change her diapers. First one to get peed on (Yeah, thanks for that! lol).

She had many nicknames (poor kid!) given by her all too loving, yet well meaning siblings. Zannie was my favorite. I called her Zannie all the time.  She informed me about 6 years ago that her name was SUSANNA.  I sometimes slip and call her Zanna to this day, but she's pretty forgiving.  My Dad (He called me HOSS, so don't feel too bad Susanna) started calling her Baby Cakes (or BC for short).  Shortly after that, Jake started calling her that, and then everyone else took on Baby Cakes. Rachel called her Spider Monkey.  We each had a name for her! lol  She will always be Zannie to me though, even though I am forced to call her by her God given name, Susanna now.

She was a cute little thing, and just like her big sister, she had a mean streak. Partly to having so many big people wrapped around her little finger!  She said jump, every single one of us, including my parents asked "how high"  Grandma said "she's spoiled, I cal smell her all the way here in Florida!!" :-D  She wasn't spoiled though, just well/overly loved.

She was my girl.  I made sure to pack her with me everywhere I went.  Leaving her behind when I got married was one of the hardest things I had ever done. Luckily for the first year I was just next door.  I remember her walking her 4 year old self to my house with a change of clothes in hand wanting me to give her a bath.  Since birth that had been my job, and she wasn't willing to let someone take over any time soon! :-D

 Now she's nearly grown up on me! 12 years old! I remember being 12 myself, like it was yesterday!!  She's grown up to be a very beautiful and talented young lady.  You should see her dance!  You'd never guess she's only been doing it 3 1/2 years, she's got so much raw talent.  One of the best dancers I've ever seen.  She surely does have a huge future if she keeps this up. :)

She is now taller than I am too.  She has no problem reminding of my shortness every time I see her. lol

Now she's nearly grown and I got my own little girls to watch.  Susanna is the reason I am the mama I am, she pretty much taught me everything there is to know about being a mom.  She's no longer just my baby sister, she's one of my best friends too.

Such a good girl through and through. Loved by all.  Her nieces think she's the greatest person on earth. I've heard more than once from my girls that "when I'm all big, I want to be like Aunt Susanna!"

Zannie with my girls! 

Happy Birthday Zannie!! (hey, it's my blog, I can call you what ever I want here! ha ha!!)  I love you a lot!! Go for your dreams and follow your heart. I have no doubt life is just going to shine for you. I am so proud that I got to have a tiny hand in raising you. :) You make us all very proud. 

Day 3.

2 more lbs down!! I am not even exercising any more than usual. I had sweet potato pie for breakfast and apple pie for lunch.  I feel a lot more energetic today too! Who wouldn't after losing 12 lbs though!!  Got a lot done today, I've almost finished a diaper order, my house is almost cleaned, and the floors have even been mopped!  It's date night too, so even better!! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 2

"Song, song of the South! Sweet Potato Pie and I shut my mouth!!"

My Mom posted a raw pumpkin pie recipe today ( and I knew that was something I must try!  However, the kids didn't want me to cut into their pumpkins just yet, so I used sweet potatoes.  Yes, it did in fact taste as good as it looks.  Actually, I think I like this pie RAW better!!!  The crust was out of this world great.  I changed the recipe quiet a bit, but this was amazing!  So good....
It was plate lickin' good!  The only one that didn't like it was Jemima. She hates pumpkin and sweet potatoes. No big deal, more for me!  100% guilt free, I can eat the whole thing if I want. :-D However, it is very filling and one slice after my cucumber, tomato, and dill salad, and I was very full!!

This was so great, all the kids ate seconds.  It has onions, garlic, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and liquid aminos, as well as dill, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  I saved the "juice" left over and will use it in a salad for later.  

We also had raw egg plant pizza today.  Surprisingly, this was awesome too.  Tasted just like pizza.  

It was a great raw day food wise. I ate a lot of bananas and apples. I was never once even tempted to eat something else.  The best thing about the whole family being raw, there is no temptation! The food I've been making lately though, it's not even missed.

Otherwise, this day was pretty lousy.  Everyone was in a mood, including the dog! Kids did the school and chores, very grumpy and grumbling. They were picking at each other too.  It is not because of the new diet, that I am sure.  My whole entire family is under stress right now (I mean family outside of my home) and the little guys are feeling it too.  They aren't really old enough to understand what is going on, but at the same time, they know something is up and are feeling everyone's sadness.  My sister was really abused by a jerk (who is now in jail, thank goodness!), but it was really bad. Please be praying for her and her 3 sweet boys! 

Tomorrow is cheat night. I'm not wishing for it as much as I thought I would! Ryan and I are going out kid free with his company. I plan on going pretty much full, that way my cooked intake isn't a lot. It's a sushi place, and that's raw, SO! Not really cheating all that much! :) I am looking forward to getting out of the house with just Ryan and I!  We don't do that often enough.

And now for something adorable!

Look who's sitting!! He can sit this way for a long time now. He can catch himself before he falls now too. He will be 5 months old one week from today! 

Day 2, nearly 3 lbs down. I still feel exhausted, though I am only getting about 4 hours of sleep at night and no naps.  I hope once my body gets use to being healthy I will either not need sleep OR I will be able to sleep.  Jonah only wakes up once or maybe twice, after he wakes up, I'm up for good.

Until tomorrow!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 1

My breakfast. Oranges, raw almonds, pineapple, and dates
I wasn't going to talk about going raw this time, too much negative response makes it harder to stick with it! :)  However, this time, I feel like if I blog about it, I'll be more likely to keep it up.  My goals really aren't all about weight loss. My thyroid is out of whack and I feel lousy!  I do have extra pounds that need to go, and I know that will come as I get my health back.

I was 100% raw for 4 days 2 weeks ago and I lost 8 lbs. My Mom had a family get together, which I had planned for, and I ate. That didn't really break the diet totally, I have been 75% to 50% raw ever since.  My weight didn't budge and I still felt pretty bad.  I think that is because when I did have something cooked, it was mostly junk! :-D  We were on the go way too much though, so it was put on hold till today.

The difference this time, there is no other food in my house.  My kids saw me raw two weeks ago and begged to try it too.  So we are on a trial run this week.  So far, so good!  We are planning 2 cheat days a week to make this easier.  Not something bad for you, but cooked.  My kids will eat everything and anything, today was normal, they didn't missed cooked at all.

Snack was green smoothies!

Liam didn't want to try it, he's the one that looks at something and if it looks strange he has to be forced into trying it! :)  I made him take a sip and he then finished the whole glass!  Easy snack, 2 frozen bananas, a whole pineapple, and a bunch of kale, and then blend. So yummy!

Lunch was AWESOME! 

Raw Burritos!! 

They were so yummy the kids were pretty much licking the bowl clean. :-D  All it was, 2 avocados, 5 roma tomatoes, 3 ears of corn (raw), a chili pepper, cilantro, and an onion. We rolled them up in bib lettuce.

Dinner was a huge salad with mango salsa (2 mango, 4 tomatoes, 2 onions, and cilantro) which was great.

Raw "Apple Pie" for a before bed snack.

Today was a good food day!  We didn't get a whole lot done today.  The house is a total mess.  We did get school work done, meals all made (raw egg plant pizza in the dehydrator for tomorrow!) and cleaned up after.  It takes a bit more time making meals raw. It's a lot of chopping and dicing on my part! :)  Jojo is teething big time and he's so clingy! He doesn't want to be in a pouch, wrap, or ergo. He wants to be in my arms.

I am going to try to blog everyday, might not get to everyday, but I will try!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Everyone needs a 5 year old!!

Kathryn Grace age 5

This little girl, wow, some days I would be totally lost without her!!!

Today for instance, is one of those days!  

I haven't been sleeping much due to my adorable 4 1/2 month old!

 He still thinks night time is for playing and eating. He nurses ALL. NIGHT. LONG! Which has been great with my others, I could sleep too. Ha! Not with Jonah! He insists on being playful! Every time I shut my eyes, he wacks me in the head!!! Then giggles when I jump awake.  Such a stinker!

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed, stumbled down the steps, and just sat on the couch willing myself to wake up.  I felt sick I was so very tired. I must have looked awful!

Kathryn comes in the room just as cheerful as can be and says "here ya go mama, this will make you feel all better!"  She places in my hands a hot cup of tea. TEA?!? Where in the heck did she learn to make tea??  I took a sip, thinking it would either be too strong, or not strong enough.  But no, it was perfect!! She had even sweetened it to my liking.  She then brought me a blanket and a plate of strawberries and bounced out of the room to play with Liam, Jemima, and the sleep thieving Jojo.

I sipped my tea, and it did the trick. I felt better.  We then went on with our school day, got everything done but math, and Ryan brings in lunch.  We get everyone fed and he helps me get the littles down for their naps (I was starting to crash again) and I laid down myself.  I told the bigs to finish math, if they came to a problem they needed help with, first help each other, and if that didn't help, wait till naps were over.  I was never once bothered.  

Not only did I come down to math lessons being finished (and books put away!!!), but I came down to a bathroom scrubbed, laundry going, dishes going, and glory be! Everything else was picked up too!!! 

Everyone needs a 5 year old! Today would have been rough without mine!!

I love you Kathryn Grace!! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jonah's new diaper cover!!

In Ooga Booga!!

He really loves it too!!

It's made by Charis Baby Designs, my friend Kim is the owner.  It's probably my favorite cover ever!  I like the velcro closer a lot, Jonah is a wiggly baby, and I can get this one on him almost faster than he can flip over! It's also holding up amazingly well! I have thrown it in the dryer at least a dozen times (I know, shame on me! It was raining and I needed it!) and it's still as good as new!

Check them out! She's got an Etsy, facebook, twitter, and blog!

Thanks Kim, we love it!!!