Monday, September 26, 2011

Jonah is 4 months old!!

My sweet baby boy turned 4 months old yesterday!!  He is almost 16 lbs and about 27 1/2 inches long.  That puts him in about the 60% for weight and 97% for height.  He is almost as long as my sisters 1 year old son, Zachary and his hands are bigger than Zachary's.  I think he's going to be like Jesse, really tall, but really skinny.  He is the happiest baby I've ever seen. He giggles more than cries and is always cooing or jabbering.

He's a lot like his sisters, he wants to be a big boy much too fast for me.  He loves to jump in his jump thing and army crawl around the house. I can see it already, he's going to be the type to get into everything!

I am guessing he will walk before he really gets crawling. He loves to stand. He will hold on to our hands and walk all over the place.

He's also teething!  I am so glad Hylands brought back the teething tablets! We would have been lose without them.  The Amber Teething necklace is really helping too.  Before getting anything, he kept a high fever and just looked so sad.  Now he is back to his normal happy self. I just hope that first tooth doesn't take forever to come in!

The big kids have showed him growl and to blow raspberries! He keeps us all highly entertained!!  He has been giving kissed and real hugs for awhile now too. He is so sweet and loving. And such a cuddle bug!

I can not imagine our lives without this wonderful boy.