Friday, September 9, 2011

I have forgotten how to update a blog!

Take at the Legends game last weekend!

  Facebook is so much easier.  My life is a whirlwind lately! Between homeschooling two second graders, keeping an eye on two preschoolers, meet the demands of a 3 1/2 month old (who thinks he's 6 months!!), pageants, dance lessons, t-ball, and baseball it is no wonder! I rarely get a chance to sit and EAT, let alone sit and blog.
  As it is, I'm suppose to be cleaning out the van. Jojo is sleeping and here is my golden chance to get it done. Then I cut my finger wide open on one of Ryan's tools and I am waiting on the blood to stop gushing. Since my arms are free (I spend my facebook time while I am feeding a baby!) I figured I'd do a fast update!
  Forget the arms being free. Tink just noticed I am SITTING and my arms are FREE!  She just had to get on on that deal. :-D

 My 2 year old beauty! She's such a sweet little girl.  She loves cheering her siblings on at ball games, helping out with the baby, doing "school".  She just started back to dance!  We are at a new dance studio this year as the old one no longer provided what we needed. At first she was really upset because the put her in a 2 year old class that doesn't do tap. Tap is her very favorite! God was looking out for her though, because she was the only one that signed up and they had to cancel that class! She is now with the 3 year old's and gets to tap. So that worked out perfectly.  She acts so much older than 2, so she will do well with the other girls.

Liam just turned 3 1/2!! My facebook page reminded me today that on this day 2 years ago he got off his knees and started walking! (If you're new, this is why this was a big deal...  The only thing, he was NOT early. Long story why that was even said... The hospital did tests on his lungs and bones. I was right all along, he was nearly a month LATE! The bleeding I spoke about was probably his twin...)  He is so funny, he was even the first one to get a laugh out of Jonah. Such a happy guy, and so willing to help. He is not interested in playing ball or dancing, but wants to take karate lessons. I am trying to find a place for him to do that. Once baseball ends for the year I will be able to fit that in.  He is really smart and talks very well. His favorite thing to do is eat! Tell a boy "you'll be on a feeding tube probably the rest of your life" and he will spend most of his time proving you wrong. I have to cut him off at meal times he likes to eat so much! :-D

Kathryn is the worlds greatest big sister! She loves to help out. If she's not changing a diaper, helping with a meal (ALL HER CHOICE!), she's reading to a little one or playing with them. She loves to do the dishes, imagine that! I haven't done dishes (or laundry except for folding) in nearly 2 weeks. She is playing fall t-ball after finishing off an amazing spring and summer t-ball season.  Dance has also started back for her.  She is taking tap and ballet as they don't put almost 6 year old's in jazz till they are 6... even if you are in the second grade. She's okay with that now, because she's back to dancing with her BFF, so that works out well.  It's at the same time as Jemima's class too, so less time I have to spend at the dance studio!  She is still doing pageants here and there. She made it to Miss heart of American state which is next weekend. This system is amazing. All natural, they are not judged on beauty at all.  It's a pose and personality contest. They host food drives and raise money and food for so many food banks across America. She wanted in on this system just for that.  You have to bring so many canned goods to each pageant (they even help you host your own food drives). If she wins, she goes to Nationals in Orlando!  Jemima is also in on this and is having the best time.  Kathryn still wants to be a World's famous chef and spends a lot of time with me in the kitchen creating food. We've come up with some great stuff lately!  It's not been good in helping me lose this baby weight though! ;)

My little Jojo.  He has decided he does not want to be a baby.  He rolls everywhere, gets on his knees, sit in a highchair, tries to eat my food, giggles all the time, and is always smiling. I've even got him to say "mama!" Though I know it's just baby babble. (I drill my babies to say "mama" so they don't say dada first. So far, Liam has been the only one to say "dada" first!) Yes, he's 3 1/2 months old.  I see Kathryn all over again (remember, she was my one to walk at 6 1/2 months!!!).  He is the best baby ever though.  He loves life!  He loves me, he loves going to the ball park, he loves his siblings, he loves his daddy, he loves his toys, he loves it all.  Pure sunshine that one is! He is even giving real hugs and kisses.  Slobbery baby ones, but sweet just the same.

Jesse, my first born offspring.  He turns 7 in less than 3 weeks. Yes, 7!  No, I can not believe it.  He is everything you would want out of a first born and then some. Kind, loving, helpful, smart, respectful, fun, obedient and just good.  He's a friend to everyone.  He's the laundry king!  This young man LOVES to do laundry.  And he's better at it than Daddy.  I never even asked him, he just does it, twice every single day.  Most days the wash is going before I even get out of bed in the mornings.  Jesse is one amazing ball player.  I mean, probably one of the best 6 year old's that's ever been.  I am not too surprised.  I remember him at 8 months old sitting on Ryan's lap and watching the Reds game from start to finish never taking his eyes off the tv.  He use to wear baseball pants as a toddler everywhere.  When the ball season ended he dressed like a cowboy, but as soon as it got warm it was back to cleats and baseball pants.  I remember Ryan teaching him how to properly slide into the bases when he was 2, because he was worried he'd hurt his knees because Jess use to slide on them.  Not only did he catch on at age 2, but he is so good at it while All Stars ball was going on, his coach had him show the whole team how to slide into base.  I can see a good future for him in this. He has God given talent for this game. He wants to take the base stealing record when he's older. :-D

  So as you can see, we are all doing very well!  I am very much enjoying life and loving my family.  We have had a wonderful summer! Probably one of the best summers of my life so far.
  I had better get back to work! :)


  1. Wonderful family! You are a blessed woman!

  2. Glad you guys are doing well! It's nice to see updates once in awhile!

    Not that I ever update, but I sure try. :-D

  3. Catching up here, I can't get over how big the kidlets are. Jesse looks SO grown up. And I hardly recognize Jemima! Hope you are all doing well, thank you for the sweet comment about Grandpa H. And for the prayers. I've known you a long time, and I know you mean it when you say you'll pray. Appreciate that, and LLTS! ;)