Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Camping trip

A couple weeks ago we went to our favorite camping spot for 2 nights!  We had been wanting to go all summer, but with baseball, we didn't have the time.  It was rare we had a Saturday off, so Ryan got off work early on Friday and away we went!  We had to get home early Sunday though, because of baseball. But at least we got to go! :)

Kathryn and I had that tent set up in record speed.  The boys went to get firewood and we had everything totally set up way before they got back.

The camp host remembered us from last year! He told Jesse the trout stream was well stocked and wished him good luck with his fishing... As if he needed it!
He bagged the biggest trout I've ever seen caught out of that tiny little stream!  Jemima didn't really remember going last year and I guess she didn't remember fishing.  She wanted to touch Jesse's fish so badly!

You have to know her personality! She's even more girly than Kathryn! She thought the fish looked slimy, so she was really timid about touching it.  

I wish now I had taken more pictures, but I was too caught up in fishing, hiking, and just being with my family.  Camping is one of our favorite things!

Jonah loved it.  He slept all night long both nights we were there!  I guess those crickets lulled him to sleep!

No camping trip is complete without tossing the baseball around waiting for breakfast!

 Or burnt marshmallows after supper!

I wish the weather would stay nice one more weekend so we could go back! :)

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