Thursday, September 29, 2011

7 years ago today!

Dear Jesse,

I welcomed a beautiful 8 lbs 23 1/2 inches long boy into my arms after a 54 long labor.  My first born.  All children are special, all are a gift, but that firstborn, there is just something about them!  You are the one that made me a mama!

7 years.  How is it possible that this sweet baby boy is already nearly half grown up?  You're such a fun kid! You always have been!

Jesse on his first birthday

I couldn't have picked a better first born!  You are everything I would have wanted and more. Kind, loving, caring, helpful, compassionate, smart, willing, and driven.  Once you set your mind to something, you go at it with all your heart.

 Jesse at age 2!

You love life!  It's very rare to see you without a smile on your face! (the picture above, it was nap time. LOL)  You're a team player and a friend to all.

Jesse the cowboy age 3

I can always count on you to keep the little ones in line.  You are so good at keeping them happy when I really need to get stuff done.

4 years old!

You're a really gifted kid. Excellent in math, a great problem salver, and a deep thinker. I only have to tell you how to do something once and you got it! 

5th Birthday

Even when times have been tough, we can always count on you to bring so much joy to our lives and cheer us all up.

6 years old, I miss that hair!!

Your passion is baseball!  You don't just play the game, you tare up the field! You know the game by heart. I've seen you make plays a child shouldn't even know about yet.

It's in your blood. I do believe you were born to be a ball player!

I'll probably never forget your last All Stars game.  You were about to go up to bat and I called you over to me.  I said "hey Jess, this is the last time you'll bat off a Tee... make it count!" The grin on your face stayed there as you stepped up to bat and whacked that ball all the way out into the outfield. Amazing hit sent you straight to second!!  

You couldn't wait to be 7, 7 you get to move onto coach pitch.  I know you had been dreaming about playing real baseball ever since you were a tiny little boy.

Only one more game left, and you haven't struck out once this season!! That's amazing!!

7 years old!!

I am so proud to be your mama! You're such a good boy, most only dream of having sons as awesome as you!

Happy Birthday Jesse!  I love you so much!! I know last year was "the best year ever!", but I hope this one tops that one.  Always reach for your dreams, and don't let anyone tell you it's a long shot.  You have it in you to be anything you want to be, and do anything you want to do.  Always reach for the moon, worst thing that will ever happen is you'll land on a star. :-D You are great, you are important, and our lives are better because you are in it!

Love Always,

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  1. Oh gosh, this made me tear up a whole bunch! Always love seeing a proud Mama.. :) He seems like such an awesome kid too! Happy Birthday Jesse! Hope it's another "best year ever" for you!