Friday, July 22, 2011

We Do Love!!!

                                                                      In This Home

We do second chances.

We do Grace.

We do Real.

We do Mistakes.

We do I'm sorry's. 

We do loud real well!!

We do hugs.

We do Family.

We do Love!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day!!

Chick Fil A is one of our favorite places to eat, but because it is a bit high (and we can get a more healthy meal for just about the same price) it's rare we eat there.  A family my size, it costs about $30 or more to feed us.  So when a neighbor told the kids if you dress like a cow you get to eat for free. We decided to join the other brave folks and become cows for the evening too.  We didn't have any cow costumes and time was lacking. So I just used what we had around the house.  If I had more of a notice I would have made really cool cow costumes from fabric, but since this was on the fly (like, I threw it all together in an hour!), construction paper would have to do!

The girls were easy!  Kathryn wore this outfit for her ballet recital and I thought it looked like a cow, so this was perfect.  Jemima I used a pillowcase dress that Kathryn used for a beach pageant years ago.  I just added black spots to the back and the chick fil a sign to the front and walla!

Liam love being a cow!  He mooed the whole way there, the whole way through the meal, and the whole way back.  He was really upset when I took his ears off and asked me if he could be a cow tomorrow! :)

Jesse is my silly kid. :-D He lives for being silly. However he wanted to be a baseball cow, so we added to his hat! (we did the same for Ryan!) He mooed for the picture. He had spots all up and down his back and legs.
Poor Jonah, he got stuck dressing like a cow, and he is too little to enjoy free food! Next year little man! The funniest thing is, we are probably on some random stranger's facebook page now.  They were going through the drive through, saw us walking in and stopped their call and took our pictures with their cell phones.  Sure, laugh it up people, we ate for FREE! :-D And the kids had a great time.  Kathryn says we are the greatest because we dressed up too, most parents only dressed the kids.  Not us, we aren't too proud to look silly for a free meal!

Two of them are mooing, can you tell which two?

My adorable "HERD" :-D It was a lot of fun!!! Next year, I'll be sure to get real cow costumes.  Ryan needs one with udders! HAHA!