Monday, May 23, 2011

Prayers badly needed!

The little stinker turned breach. Not too surprised, he's been doing this off and on. But given that I am almost 41 weeks, this is not good news. I will not be delivering at home if I can't get him to flip, and really, that's minor. It's the possibility of a c-section that is the worst of it. Surgery is never the perfect option if it can be safely avoided.
I am not asking for options, I trust my midwife and the OB I am seeing tomorrow to come up with the best birth plan. We are not going into this thinking it's safe to do this at home. Ryan and I talked about this when I was pregnant with Kathryn (who was also a flipper!) that if baby didn't flip, that was a sign that baby needed to be born in a hospital. No way would I ever put my baby at risk!
Prayers are coveted for baby to flip!!! Positive words are most welcomed too!!


  1. Little goober! Will be praying he decides to head south (oh, I crack myself up) and stay there until birth-day!

  2. Praying! I had a c-section with Lydia and while I didn't "want" to, and I felt like a "failure" I knew that GOD was giving the doctors wisdom, and that thank GOD for the advances in medicine that allowed a c-section! Many, many years ago - the outcome would not have been good for either of us. Praying that he would flip, but if not, that the LORD would give you peace. ((hugs))

  3. I'm praying, but if you end up having surgery, it is okay. I had 3 cesareans. Hugs.

  4. Hopefully he flips again! If not, I had to have a c-section (long story) and it wasn't that bad. I was really hoping to avoid one but the recovery wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.

  5. OH SARAH! I'm really hoping he will turn for you. I had 2 babies that would go sideways up until the last, so I am feeling for you~
    I hope you don't have to have a c, but after my last baby it really does just make you thankful that they CAN save you and your baby IF they need to! Hang in there~ (((HUGS)))Kim