Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jesse's hair

I keep forgetting to blog about Jesse's hair!  Not all of you see my Facebook updates, and this is an update worth blogging about. :)

A little over a year ago he decided he wanted to grow it out and asked me to stop cutting it. Our Bible lesson that week I remember clearly. It was about Sampson and how he was strong because of his hair. God told him not to cut it, or he would just be normal like everyone else.

Jesse was almost 6, and I guess that sounded pretty good to him.  I reminded him that this is what God called of Sampson, and that long hair wouldn't make him super strong too, that was only for Sampson. But he wanted to try long hair anyway, and I figured if it was long hair he wanted, long hair is what he was going to get. :) I had no problems with it. It's just hair! And it's his head. I'm all for him trying new things as he grows and figures out who he is. I didn't see any reason why not to let him try it. I did warn him that there were other people out there that thought boys should have short hair and he might sometimes get mistaken for a girl.  He said he was okay with that.

His hair grows very fast! In no time at all it was at his shoulders. Lucky guy, he's got such fine blonde hair! It always laid right, always looked great... Girls would have killed for it!

 He sometimes got called a girl, but it didn't bother him. He would very politely say "I'm a boy, I just like my hair long" I thought he always handled it very well.

Just because he had long hair didn't make him "girly" I got some pretty rude comments from other people. "I can't believe you'd do that to your son! Long hair is for girls!" or the worst "He's going to be gay because you let him have long hair!" People are hateful and rude!  Not that it was anyone else's business, he's my kid, but it was 100% up to him anyway. Luckily those nasty comments were only said to me, he still doesn't know to this day.

He was able to enjoy his hair, live a normal life, be a normal little boy. Pretty silly I am even blogging about it. But I don't know, I guess people need to be aware we are told to NOT judge others for a reason. Why shouldn't a little boy have long hair if that's what he wants? Who is anyone to say "no, he shouldn't?" It's such a minor little thing. It wasn't hurting anyone. He was very happy with it. :) Just because it isn't something you would want, it's not your call to say it shouldn't be for someone else either. It's not like he was sinning or causing someone else to sin either. It's just hair!

Anyway, he sported his long locks for over a year. He didn't change on the inside in anyway, or become extra girly like I was warned he would. He was your normal little boy.

About a month ago he comes home from playing with his best friend, happy as always, and out of the blue he says "Mom, I think I want to cut my hair! It would be so cool if I could spike it just like Mathew!" First I made sure no one was picking on him and that being the reason for him wanting the change, it wasn't.  Jesse was just moving on to a different stage of his life.  I made him think on it for a little bit to make sure that is what he wanted.  It took awhile to grow it out, it was going to be gone for awhile when I cut it off, and he was in for a huge change.  He was sure, this is what he wanted. So I watched about 8 videos on youtube on how to cut a spiked hair cut and went to town!

It took me forever.  His hair is so thick!  The longest strand was about 7 inches long.  Too bad we didn't wait another 5 months, he would have had enough to give to Locks of Love! :)  I was half scared he was going to flip out once he saw it, because I hadn't cut his hair this short since he was around 2!

You just have to know Jesse though.  He's such a great kid, one of the greatest.  And I'm not just saying that because he's mine.  He is very special.  So thoughtful of others, he really has a big heart.  Reminds me a lot of my brother, Jacob.  Even if he hated the hair cut, he probably wouldn't have ever let me know! :)

I finish up about 2 hours after I started and I sent him to the shower to get all that hair off him.  I told him to try not to look at himself, and to come straight back and we would spike it.  He said he didn't even look at his hair before the shower because he wanted to be surprised.  I believe him because it was a look of total shock on his face when he first saw it after I put some gel in it!

And he likes it!!  He said he does miss his hair long sometimes, but he likes it short too. Most importantly, he has the freedom to decide for himself!


  1. People need to mind their own business. He should be able to have it like he wants! I think it looks cute either way. You have a handsome boy!

  2. Thats so cute! Thanks for sharing! I cut Grants yesterday too, I'm always surprise how different he looks when I'm done!