Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amazing Day!

  Yesterday was one of those days that should have been split into two days.  It was so busy, I look back on it this morning and am not surprised I slept so good last night! :)

  It started off to be an early day.  I had to see the Chiropractor at 8 am.  My kids are all early birds, so I was making sure Ryan was giving them their breakfast and getting them moving because the girls had their last dance class that we had to leave at 10:30 for.

  Ryan was able to work from home because I was suppose to take it easy so I didn't trigger labor with the baby breech.  It sure made taking all these kids to dance much easier!

  There isn't a better way to start the day, than to start it with a trip to the chiropractor! If I could afford it, I'd go in every day first thing in the morning. :-D  I needed to be seen often to help the baby to turn, which I was okay with, but we were worried about how we were going to pay for this.  Our bad medical insurance does not cover chiropractic care, and I was looking at around $70 each visit. We are on a pretty tight budget at the moment.  So that thought was heavy on my mind. I hated spending that money that we really didn't have.  My kids still don't have good beds, our van needs work, and there is a list of about 100 other things that we really are going to need soon and aren't sure how the money will get here. :)  But I knew I needed to be seen to help the baby.

  I walk in, and first thing the chiropractor leads me to the back and tells me that since we are connected (The other chiropractor in this office wife is also pregnant and is using the same midwife) and that I really need to be seen, and he wants me to have the best birth possible, they are only going to charge me $70 a week (and I'm going in at least 3 times a week). He also said that he put an adjustment table in his car, and gave me his number. I am to call him if I am in pain, or go into labor in the middle of the night or on a weekend so he can adjust me first here at my house. He also wants to adjust me right after the baby is born.  I was floored.  Seriously I almost cried.  To have a perfect stranger care that much about my being able to have a natural, healthy birth (and the fact that he was a man!) and to give me such an amazing gift, I was in shock. :)  You know the world is no where near ready to end when strangers love and care for one another this much still! There is too much human kindness going on.  I will never forget this, it really means a lot to me!

  So of course starting the day off that well made it so easy to stay positive that this baby would flip.  And I had the best feeling in the world (as did Ryan) that our little monkey would flip before the sun went down!  Even the children were positive.

  I head home and quickly get all the kids dressed, make sure they are clean enough to be seen in public, and we load up and head to dance.  I always love the last class.  Us parents get to go in and watch some of it and Jemima was extra excited because this was the first class I had seen in a long time of hers, and Ryan hadn't seen any of them.  It was too cute.  I started to get a bit upset thinking there was a possibility I would miss the recital, but I quickly switched my thinking because just negative thoughts CAN make negative things happen. I have to stay positive!

  I was also waiting on Karen (my midwife) to call because I was trying to get in with an OB that does breech births and I need to be seen as soon as possible to see if this is the type of breech that can be delivered vaginally.  I was not going to attempt this birth at home if it was the "safe" breech, but I would like to avoid a c section if at all possible.

  She called with the number of the OB and then I did something I told myself all morning I was not going to do till AFTER I saw the OB.  I don't know if it was a gut feeling, or my still being on a high note from a very positive chiropractic trip, or what. But I asked her to call the other midwife and see if it was possible to help him turn later that night.  I told her I knew they were both busy, and I totally understood if it wasn't possible, but I had a really good feeling about it.  I won't go into all that went on in the middle of this, it was a crazy day, but Sarah (the other midwife) was cool with trying and we set a time to try.  In the meantime I also made an appointment to see the OB (I get in today!) to get his intake on this whole thing.

  After dance we had a nice lunch, came home and put the little kids to bed.  Kathryn did her chores, Jesse went outside to practice baseball (another blog for another day, that boy is totally driven!) and I don't think I saw him but a few times till bedtime, and I kicked into flipping baby mode.  I took some Pulsatilla and laid upside down on an ironing board for 15 minutes with frozen peas on my stomach.  Rested.  Went into what sorta looks like a downward dog pose for another 5 minutes. Rested.  Ryan then came in and we tried Moxibustion, which was something interesting all on it's own!  It looks like a cigar, smells like a joint when first lit.  You place it next to your little toe and let it pinch, pull it off, rest, and do this over and over for 20 minutes.  Strangest feeling in the world.  It doesn't hurt, but when you felt the pinch you couldn't help but say "ouch!"  Then I went back to the ironing board for another 15 minutes.  Then Karen gets here and checks, yup, monkey is still breech.  So we chat and hang out waiting for the Sarah to get here so we can get this party started.

  The plan was that Ryan was going to take the kids and go somewhere so I could totally relax.  That didn't end up happening, our kids were outside with their friends and told not to come in "or else!" which isn't a problem. When they are with their friends, we usually don't see them again till the street lights are on. :) Ryan put a movie on for Liam, and Jemima sat next to me. Ryan got to watch, he was so thrilled because he really wanted to see this done.

  Jemima is the worlds most amazing 2 year old.  She sat at my head and kept saying "turn baby!!" the whole time.  It was easy to keep it all positive and light with her there, because she was all smiles and just totally into what was going on.  I didn't think she really understood what was happening, she knew we wanted him to turn, but I didn't think that past that she really knew...  Then she says "turn baby, I wanna see you born!!"  It hit me, wow, she DOES know exactly what is happening.  She's going to be a midwife or I miss my guess.  She's been apart of every visit, she loves helping move the doppler, and talks about her brother being born in the pool all the time. She is so very excited.  If I had to go in to deliver, I would have been most sad because Jemima would have to miss it.

  We try once, thought we were getting the baby to move and then before we knew it he slipped free. Then we tried again and the little monkey slipped free again.  So we all take a break.  I go back into the downward dog, sit there for a minute, and we try again.  We weren't frustrated, it was so very calm, but this was the last try for this day.  It's hard work moving a baby!  We made sure the baby was safe the whole time, the doppler never once left my belly.  If baby moved away from it, everything stopped till we could hear him.  He never once even had the slightest dip in beats.  He honestly didn't even seem to care what was going on!  So the turning starts.  I feel his butt hit my hip bone and wow did that feel strange! All of the sudden there was a whoosh like feeling and my jaw drops, Karen's eyes get huge, and Sarah moves the doppler trying to find where that baby went!  This had to have been the strangest feeling in the world!  It felt like my body was being redone on the inside. :-D  It didn't hurt, just felt really... amazing!  I was like "I think he flipped!!!" Which was everyone else's thoughts as well, but we wanted to make sure before we celebrated.  Karen feels around at the top of my belly "THIS FEELS LIKE A BUTT!!!" and presses around my pubic bone and says it feels like a head! She has Sarah feel around too who agreed, that yes, butt and head feel like they are where they are suppose to be. We hear his heart by my belly button (where it should be!) and I am helped up and go right into a good deep squat.  Braxton Hicks contractions kick in as if on Q to make this baby's head to drop into my cervix.  After all that work, I was making sure he wasn't going anywhere!  I then am checked to make sure that IS a head.  A butt is soft, a head is hard, it was hard! He's head down!  Thank you God!!!!!  I just knew He wouldn't let me down!!!! :-D  Us 3 women and 1 little girl celebrating was amazing, we did it!  I think we were all on this natural high for a little bit from this.  It was that amazing.  I am not at all sorry it happened, it was a pretty cool thing to have gone through.  And these faith tests are always good for us all anyway! :-D So it was a good thing to have happened.  I was glad to be apart of it anyway.

  Since we were checking to make sure the head was there, I thought I may as well know if there is any changes in my cervix that might tell us that labor wasn't far off.  Hey, we were "there" anyway, why not know, right? 3 cm and 50% effaced! 3 cm means nothing, I am pretty sure I've been there for weeks.  You can walk around at a 4 or even a 5 cm for days and days.  You shouldn't ever get excited till you're a good 6, but a 3 was good enough for me, progress!! and 50% effaced tells me my wait is almost over! :-D

  I love being a women!  The things we get to go through are so very exciting!  I love all of it, though mothering and giving birth are my favorites for sure!  Our bodies are truly an amazing thing.  I am so blessed to have been given knowledge early on that God didn't make mistakes when we were created, if we treat our bodies right (now a WHOLE LOT goes into that!!), they won't let us down!

  I am still seeing the OB today.  There is still a slight chance baby will flip, though it is very slight, it never hurts to make sure all things are well and to have him on our side if I need to go in.

  I am totally ready to meet my baby now!!!   Thank you so much Karen and Sarah for coming out last night and helping my baby flip!!!


  1. I'm glad things worked out well! God is good. God didn't make mistakes, but we do live in a fallen world that has disease and sickness and things don't always work as they were created to work in Eden. But I'm glad things are going the way they are for you right now!

  2. So glad you managed to make the baby flip! Now if only he'd get a move on so everyone can meet him. :)

    Giving birth was definitely worth it and I can't wait to do it again. Some people complain but I secretly loved every minute of it. :)

  3. I can feel the excitement! I'm so happy for you! Now we are ready to see that baby too!

  4. Can't wait to hear your birth story! I know it didn't go as YOU planned, but our ways are not GOD's ways... :) ((hugs))

  5. Thinking of you.... Thinking you must be babymooning right now:O) Hope everything is going well Sarah!