Thursday, April 7, 2011

My trip to the Caribbean!

It was so warm! I was all by myself, just laying in the sand.  
Someone had dug in the sand a perfect bed so this very large pregnant lady could be very comfortable. Just laying there in the breeze, it was perfect. Though the sun was hot the breeze made it perfect. The only sounds to be heard were the wind, waves, and the island music coming from the band at the tiki hut.
If I felt thirsty I only had to flick my wrist and point my finger and someone brought me freshly made fruit punch made from local island fruit.  It was so delicious I had 13 glasses. 

Then I woke up!!!

My little Tinker Bell was clinging to my nightgown, both of us wrapped in her blanket. It was like my own little heater. The fan was blowing right on my face adding just enough wind to make the warm toddler next to me the perfect temp. And don't you know, that fan sounded just like the waves! 

I should have known something was off when I downed 13 glasses of fruit punch and never once had to make a trip to the bathroom. :(
Even though my life here is pretty close to perfect, I was somewhat disappointed I wasn't really on the beach. :-D 


  1. Ha, I don't blame you! That sounds like a fabulous dream. :-D

  2. How funny! that's a lot of punch! Maybe you could go to the beach soon! With the whole family :O)

  3. Nice! You can visit whenever you want now. Free too!