Monday, April 18, 2011

Double Birthday Bash!

I totally cheated this year (like last year!) and just had Liam and Jemima's Birthday party on the same day.  They each had a cake on their real birthdays!
Liam with his Cars cake March 6th 2011

Jemima's birthday cake April 13th 2011 My FAVORITE!!! Best cake I've ever made so far. :-D
 And we also took them out some place fun.  Liam went to see Monster Jam and it was great! He was the only one scared but once he realized it was just noise, he was able to watch the truck show and he loved that! He's been smashing little match box cars with his monster truck ever since.
We took Jemima to see a movie on her birthday. She picked Hop. This will be the last time I go to a movie and not see what it's about! Stupid me (DUH! rabbit movie in April! In my defense, I like the people who made it and that was good enough for me. :-D) , it's about Easter and my being a Christian Jew we only celebrate Passover. OOPS! Oh well, it was easily cleared up and the movie was really cute. :)

  Anyway!  We had their party for the families to come celebrate two weeks ago.  Lucky kids, they each got two mama made cakes.  I was happy too though, as I needed the practice!
Liam wanted Spiderman!
Which ended up being really funny because I got a doll that talked and he was scared of it! He had to sit on my dad's lap just so we could sing to him!  And then he was almost too scared to eat his cake!
He kept looking at it, making sure it was staying where it was. :-D  I am pleased to announce he loves the doll now and it pretty much never leaves his side.

Jemima had to have Tinkerbell.  She's a major Tinkerbell fan, even insists on being called Tinkerbell.  I was so pleased how her cake turned out!

I'm getting at the point where I just can't believe I made it.
Jemima loved it.  I made the cake while she took her nap and she pretty much freaked out when she saw it.  She was jumping up and down clapping her hands yelling "My bell bell cake!!!"

The best thing about birthday's is family coming!
My little sister Allie (in black) and Jemima wouldn't leave poor Zachary (Rachel's newest blessing) alone. He really didn't seem to mind too much.
He didn't really care for it when they tried to hold him, but all in all, he's a good sport.

I was really smart and had the party on the same weekend the Wildcats were playing in the NCAA.  I have a massive tv (Ryan and his toys....) and you know how fans are, they just HAD to watch!

Left to right: my dad, Pam, Ron, Kris (Ryan's step mom, dad, and sister), Ryan, and my sister Rachel

(Kris and Brandon)
So here they are watching the game. :-D They were all good sports and took breaks for food and gifts though!

My nephew Jq. He is just as sweet as he is adorable! I thought I had pictures of all my nephews and brothers, but I don't. Sorry guys! I really do love them all the same though!

Gifts were fun. Hard because Jemima had to wait till Liam was done before she could open hers, but she did a very good job.
Liam finally got his pillow pet!!! (He looks like my oldest sister, LuAnn here!!) And no, he still is yet to be potty trained. *sigh*  But he sure loves that pillow pet!

Jemima waiting for her turn.  She kept asking so sweetly "is it my turn yet?"

When it finally was her turn, the first gift she opened was a tea set, she had been wanting one! She had to go show Aunt Allie and ask "you wanna have a tea party?!" They look more like twins than niece and aunt! They are close like sisters too. 

So there you have it. A recap on a Birthday Bash for two! It was a lot of fun.  My poor feet were so swollen, but it was worth it.

I can't believe Liam is 3 and Jemima is 2!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My trip to the Caribbean!

It was so warm! I was all by myself, just laying in the sand.  
Someone had dug in the sand a perfect bed so this very large pregnant lady could be very comfortable. Just laying there in the breeze, it was perfect. Though the sun was hot the breeze made it perfect. The only sounds to be heard were the wind, waves, and the island music coming from the band at the tiki hut.
If I felt thirsty I only had to flick my wrist and point my finger and someone brought me freshly made fruit punch made from local island fruit.  It was so delicious I had 13 glasses. 

Then I woke up!!!

My little Tinker Bell was clinging to my nightgown, both of us wrapped in her blanket. It was like my own little heater. The fan was blowing right on my face adding just enough wind to make the warm toddler next to me the perfect temp. And don't you know, that fan sounded just like the waves! 

I should have known something was off when I downed 13 glasses of fruit punch and never once had to make a trip to the bathroom. :(
Even though my life here is pretty close to perfect, I was somewhat disappointed I wasn't really on the beach. :-D