Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I am sitting here at my computer desk in my new home! We moved in yesterday.  I am thrilled to report that even though we aren't 100% done moving, most of our stuff is here... And the house looks EMPTY!!! :-D  The goal I've always longed for.

Yesterday was rough.  I knew not to push myself and over do it, and even though it seemed like in my mind I didn't do enough, my body was pretty mad at me and I was up half the night with back and leg pains.  My Father in law and soon to be brother in law came down all the way from Ohio to help.  I don't know what we would have done without them! It would have taken Ryan days to do what the 3 of them did yesterday.

Today I was warned to take it easy, I guess someone is either worried OR just wants a better nights sleep without my flopping around all night.

I got up, fed everyone breakfast, and scrubbed the kitchen.  Everyone needed baths because the kids spent most of yesterday outside playing with the new neighbors.  So after breakfast I turned on the tv just while I could scrub out the bathrooms.  They were sooo gross!!!  I am a freak about my bathrooms.  There may be toys all over my living room floor, sewing stuff everywhere, school books scattered (I am NO Suzie Homemaker, that's for sure!!!)....  But my toilets and sinks you could eat off of.  I scrub them at least every other day. Bathrooms freak me out, so I keep mine clean! They must have had a ton of boys here, pee all around the seats and on the floor around the toilet. YUCK! So glad I bought the bleach cleaner... I only use the green stuff that's safe for kids to use (because I make them clean the bathrooms too!) but I figured going into a new home with someone else's germs, we needed the big guns.

Anyhow, after that I scrubbed the kids and took a shower myself and then it was lunch time. Everyone took a 3 hour nap and then I went back to my scrubbing and even got 6 boxes unpacked, then Braxton Hicks kicked in and now I'm taking a break.  I might even be done for the day.

I love it here!  For the first time in a very long time, this feels like home! I will be hanging pictures here (something I haven't done in any home that we owned!) and I plan on being here a good long while.

I can not believe how nice the neighbors are.  Seriously, this seems like Stepford or something! The lady next door has three children, same ages as my bigs.  Mine spent yesterday afternoon over in their yard playing and had a great time.  3 men (who were either pushing strollers or following toddlers!) stopped by while Ryan was unloading the truck just to welcome us. WOW. Funny, we spent almost 7 months in the apartment and I couldn't tell you the names of anyone and our homes were touching!

I'm happy!!


  1. Aww Sarah! I am so excited for y'all! Can't wait to see pictures! How far is it from town? Get some rest!

  2. so glad you ahve a ncie and friendly/safe place to live! Sounds like HOME for sure!

  3. Can't wait to see more pictures! Don't forget to share your sewing space (for me ) !!

  4. Glad to hear you guys are all moved in!!

  5. Good deal! It's nice to be somewhere where the people are friendly. Our neighbors are so rude, I'd just as soon live in the sticks. Haha!