Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daddy's little princess!

  The other night at bedtime we were trying to get Jemima to sleep in her room with Kathryn.  We haven't really pushed it, but we thought we would give it a try so that we only have 1 baby in our bed in May. :)  Kathryn really wants a room mate anyway, she says she's lonely now that they aren't all in the same room, but she does like being away from the boys.  The big kids made up their own minds when we moved into this house that they liked it enough to NOT sleep in Mama and Daddy's room anymore. Yes, I do really miss them!!

  So we did our normal bed time routine, we got Pj's on, brushed teeth, prayed and sang with everyone, and tucked them in.  Not 10 minutes go by and the little princess is at the top of the stairs saying "I no go night night!!" and this went on for maybe 5 minutes.  Ryan went up there and told her to lay back down and that we would be up to check on her when we went to bed.

  Another couple of minutes go by and she's back at the stairs, but this time crying a little.  "Daaaadddddyyyyyy, hold me! Daaaaadddddyyyyy rock me!!!  Daaaaaddddyyyy, I wanna snuggle!!!" (she knows she can't nurse while it's still dark, so it's Daddy she calls for if she needs something in the night)  So once again Ryan goes up the stairs.  I had thought to only tuck her back in. But he came down the stairs with a little girl in his arms and she had this huge grin on her little face, her little head was on Ryan's shoulder and she was clinging to him.  He sets her on the floor next to him and tells her he still had some work to do, but she could snuggle as long as she laid quietly.

  The rotten little girl knew she had won. :-D She had this sweet little smile on her face for awhile. For some reason, this little one likes to sleep with her shoes on. We take them off as soon as she falls asleep, but she won't let us while she's still awake.

  It wasn't 10 minutes later I went to check on them and I found this!

  Ryan carried her back to her bed and she slept soundly the rest of the night.  And I am pleased to say that since then she has slept in her room every night, but she has to have her snuggles with Daddy after nursing  before going to bed.

  Spoiling her? NOPE!!! She's about to lose her slot as the baby in less than 60 days! And she knows it. We want to hang on to her being the baby as long as we can. :-D

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  1. So cute! She looks so much like her big sis. :)