Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy is an understatement!

  Once again, it's been forever.  Things are crazy at the moment!  Sorry, but I don't have any pictures this time! :)

  First, we have been sick, AGAIN.  Another stomach bug.  I am getting so annoyed.  Ryan "forgets" to tell me when someone at work is ill, and when someone gets sick he's like "oh yeah, so and so had that at work"  It started with Jemima. It was gross.  Then it hit Liam, passed me and the big kids and hit Ryan.  This better be the last of it.  I have had to do so much laundry, it's not even funny!

  Pregnancy is going well, I entered my 3rd trimester last week and now we are down to 11 weeks to go!  I have ordered my diaper fabric (baby will be in organic bamboo!) and it should be here any day now.  However I can't even think about starting that project till at least next week.  This week is PACKED.  In fact, the past few weeks have been packed.  I feel huge.  In a way this one seems to have flown, but in another, I am wondering how I am going to make it another 11 weeks.  This little boy moves around so much and he's either on my bladder or in my ribs. I am not very comfortable!

  We are moving, AGAIN! Ryan is being hired on full time when his contract ends.  So we are staying in Lexington for awhile. (I've got one child that is VERY upset we aren't moving to Florida!)  The townhouse/apartment (whatever you wanna call it!) is OKAY, but we have no yard what so ever, kids really have no place to play, and we can't just walk to a park because the closest is sort of far away (too far too walk).  So it simply won't do through the summer.  I mean, sure we could make do.  But I would go insane if I couldn't throw the kids out of the house.  Jess also needs his space to run and ride his bike.  He's too active to be cooped up in this house everyday.  It's not going to be easy for me to load everyone up to go to the park with a new baby... SO, we have to move.  We have to have a house with a fenced in yard, the land lord has to let us put in a play set, wood floors in the living room and either wood or tile in the kitchen are a MUST, I want more than 1700 sq ft of living space (because well, I'm spoiled).  So, as you can imagine, the house hunt has been interesting!  We found two houses last week we liked, but someone beats us to the contract signing every single time. I know that just means it's not meant to be, but I'm starting to worry we will be stuck in this place forever.  I found another house last night that is perfect.  It's with in 3 miles of work, huge, everything on my list.  Price is right... I talked to the owner and told him right out about all these kids, what we were looking for, how we've missed the contract just by a day twice now and he told me that he doesn't go in the order of contract signing, but who ever has the check for the deposit in his hand first gets it.  I told Ryan to have his check book ready. We did a drive by last night to check it out, yeah, I'll be upset if we miss out on this one.

  Liam turns 3 Sunday!! I can not believe it.  Seems like just yesterday I couldn't wait for him to be 3, 3 was the age we were told we would know for sure how he would be, and now here we are! I've got a perfectly normal 3 year old.  I'll go more into how he's doing these days on his birthday.  I will say, I've met my match with this one! He is a handful! I love him dearly, but that one wears me out. :-D  We are taking him to a monster truck show (we got tickets for next to nothing!) Saturday night, he's really into that sort of thing. And then he keeps saying he wants to go to Chuck E Cheese on his birthday, so we will probably go there for lunch on Sunday. He doesn't know if he wants a car cake of a toy story one yet, so he had better make up his mind or I'm picking. (Cars, I already have the pan!)  He is so excited! He asks just about every day how many more days till his birthday.  I know at 3, it seems like it takes forever the another year to pass.  And he's had to watch so many celebrate a birthday, I know it must feel like forever to finally be his turn!

  Sewing, I've been sewing a lot!  First I had a few diaper orders to do and I got them over pretty quickly.  Then I started on a dress for each girl.  I want to make them each 5 before the baby is born so they are set for summer. Kathryn informed me she wants most of her clothes hand made because she likes the fact that they are one of a kind.  Jemima just likes that I make them, and she tends to want what Kathryn does.  It's easier for her to go potty in a dress anyway.  I also finished one hand knitted longies for the new baby. (pictures coming, I promise!)  My first ever knitting project.  They turned out pretty good for my first try!  I've got another set on the needles about half done, but they've been that way for 2 weeks now, I just don't have the time! I am working on two scrapbooks for the girls at the moment too.  This project will be the death of me.  I am no "scrapper", it's sooooo boring for me.  I just can't get into it, and it cost too much, and I could complain an hour!  But they have to have them for Saturday's pageant, which I am also sewing for!

  Saturday the girls are going to their first ever Semi Glitz pageant.  This is Semi, so it's not "quiet" like the ones on tv.  Honestly, I'm not 100% what it really is.  I've googled it and the meaning tends to change depending on who's running it.  From the looks of it, they want more glitzed clothes, but a more natural face and hair.  Wigs, tanning, and makeup ARE allowed, but from what I gather they want it more natural looking. Natural girls are allowed to compete and I've been told they have just as good a chance at winning.  They are looking for personality, pose, modeling, and a beautiful face.  We've gone back and forth over this one.  I was going to let Kathryn get a little hair piece just for fullness, but after looking we both agreed it's not for her.  And I won't do tanning because I don't think that dye is very healthy.  So we both decided she will do everything the same she's done for other pageants, but we might go a tiny bit heavier on makeup.  Jemima will have on lip gloss only.  We shall see how this goes!
  It's St Patrick's day themed.  So after formal wear the girls go into St Patrick's day wear.  I have had so much fun putting these outfits together!  I would love to show a picture of Kathryn's, it looks amazing and I worked really hard on it.  But I am under orders that NO ONE is to see it till pageant day.  She almost didn't even let Ryan see.  I think she's worried someone will take her idea? Whatever, I'm not allowed to show it. :-D
  I'm also not allowed to see her practice, it's a "surprise."  One can only imagine what she's planning.  I am allowed to watch Jemima practice, because I am the one bring her up on stage and I "have to know" what she's suppose to do.  This is all truly fun and games for the girls.  I am in no way the pushy pageant mom, more like the PUSHED (or bossed around! haha) pageant mom if you ask me.  They are having a blast, it's fun watching them. Seriously, Kathryn isn't some spoiled monster, she's a very sweet girl. This pageant thing is HER thing though.  It's more like putting on a play for her.  This is why she's so good at it, she loves it! I just get to sit back, sew their clothes, and enjoy the ride. :-D
  I am interested to see how Saturday goes!

  Well, kids are starting to wake up and I'm just guessing they want breakfast.  Keep your fingers crossed about this house!!!

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well down there! Can't believe the new baby is almost set to arrive. :-)

    Good luck with the move. I've always hated moving so I'm hoping we stay where we are for awhile!

    And for whatever its worth, I'm glad you aren't a pushy pageant mom, LOL. That's what has always driven me nuts about that. Let them do it because they love it.. not because you're living out your own weird missed childhood. Half the girls on/in those shows hate it but do it because the parents make them. :-(