Friday, February 18, 2011

Stuck in Bed SICK.

 This has been such a hard winter!  Not only has it been very cold, but we've had way more snow than usual. We usually get breaks where we get warm days, that didn't happen this year.  It was cold, everything stayed white, and everyone kept getting sick!  I don't know if it's that this city air is much more dirty than the country air we are use to, or if it's just this cold weather. 
  Usually I am on top of illness! We rarely get sick. In fact my oldest two have only had a few fevers in their whole lives, Jemima had never been sick (except for a very slight cold and pink eye from dust), and Liam hadn't been sick since his birth. So yeah, I was on top of it! I didn't give the kids a lot of sweets and I kept them on a boost of herbs to keep them healthy.
  We started off well!  Making sure we all ate lots of fresh foods, no sweets, had on the proper clothing when we went out. People were getting sick all around us and we stayed fine. Then I had to go and take that cake class. Yes, I am pretty sure that's where we flopped.
  One by one everyone (BUT ME!) got sick.  High fevers, sore throats, runny noses, ear infections, the works! This went on for over two weeks.  So I bring out the big guns, Colloidal Silver.  It knocks the infection dead in it's tracks.  I didn't go back to the wellness herbs we were on, I just kept them on a Colloidal Silver boost every single day.  
  So now that they were all better, we had a massive case of cabin fever.  We headed to Ohio over the weekend to Cocoa Keys.  We were going to go to Great Wolf Lodge again, but one night there was more than what two nights cost us at Cocoa Keys.  And this was very random.  Ryan got in from work Friday night and I asked if we could go and we packed up and left with in an hour of him coming home.  You truly get what you pay for.  Cocoa Keys was "okay", but it didn't not in any way shape or form hold a candle to our beloved home away from home, Great Wolf Lodge! 
  I made sure I had the Colloidal Silver in the bag.  Two nights off, I knew was enough time for someone to catch something and get everyone sick again.
  I have to admit, it was easier to keep an eye on everyone at Cocoa Keys.  It's much smaller than Great Wolf and it did have more for my youngest to do.  Liam loves to just splash around.  He doesn't like slides very much and he hates being cold.  The water at Cocoa Keys was like a very warm bath.  Not hot like a hot tub, but perfectly warm.  

This little ape!  If I had a nickel for every time the life guard blew the whistle at her (you're suppose to go down the slide on your bottom, NOT your tummy!!!) it would have paid for our stay there. ha!  I kept telling her you have to go down on your bottom, she'd say "oh tay mama!" and run up the stairs to the slide and go down on her tummy, or head first on her back, or on her knees, on her bottom going backwards... Anyway she could think of trying, she did it.  I don't think she quiet understood that she wasn't suppose to. 
She is much worse than her big sister and has even less of a fear of water than Kathryn did at this age!  Kathryn at least went down on her bottom.  I don't think the thought even crossed her mind at this age that there could be a more thrilling way to slide down! Just watching her totally wore me out!

The girls really liked to race down these.  Kathryn put herself in charge of Jemima and just had a blast playing with her!  She's going to be an amazing mother some day.  It is more fun for her to be in charge of the baby.  She did go take breaks to go over to the big kid slide, but she said it was more fun helping Jemima have fun.  

My first born is growing up!  Jess quickly made a friend with another boy his age and asked if he could just hang out with him.  I had to think about that one for a little bit, but in the end I let him go.  Like I said, small water park, and this boy is a fish in the water.  He could swim about the same time he was walking.  So Jess and his new friend hit the lazy river and the slides made for the bigger kids.  I liked that I was able to keep an eye on him, but not be the over protective mom at the same time.  He's growing up to be such a good kid! 
  All in all, great weekend!  We got to visit with with Ryan's family for a little bit before going home and that was really nice! We don't see them nearly as much as I wish we could.  I wish I got a picture of my nephew, Quann.  He is the cutest little guy! 
  I was very faithful in giving the family their daily boost of Colloidal Silver!  And in my haste I forgot ME! Smart huh?  
  Tuesday after dance I started feeling drained.  Not to strange being I'm almost 28 weeks pregnant.  But then my throat started to burn.  I laid down with Jemima at nap time and woke up when Ryan got home from work.  He kissed my head and said I was on fire.  103 to be exact.  I took some Tylenol and went back to bed, he took the kids out for pizza.  By morning I was much worse and Ryan called his boss and asked if he could remote in (his boss was the one that brought on this illness... poor man is STILL sick, it's been over a month!) and he more than willingly agreed.  I slept off and on all day and just watched movies.  The kids took turns bringing me something to drink or cards they had made.  I had a fever all day but was able to keep it around 100.  I usually spike them high (104 is my normal), so I had to stay on Tylenol.  Usually I just let the fever run till it kills what ever is making me sick, but those temps aren't safe for a growing wombling!  Wednesday night was awful.  I hurt all over, I was either too hot or too cold, and just swallowing hurt so bad I could cry.  I remember Kathryn coming in Thursday morning "here mama, you have to take your Princess Water now" (what she calls Silver... we had to call it that to get her to take it when she was a very little girl and it stuck!) and I remember complaining to her that it hurt too bad and she sweetly said "I know, but it will help you feel better" :-D  Ryan again was able to remote in, but he did have to go in twice for a meeting both days but was able to do this around nap time.   
  Around 2 pm yesterday my fever finally broke and I slowly started to feel better.  I wondered down stairs for some apple sauce, saw the massive mess from me not being in the living room and kitchen for 2 days, and went straight back to bed. Ryan got the kids cleaning (it's no where near clean still though!) and I came back down for dinner and American Idol.
  Today I feel almost myself.  Throat is still a bit sore, but no where near as bad as it was.  And no fever!  So I'm pretty sure it's over. :)  I am under orders to do nothing, no house work, no quick trip to the store, not even "allowed" to throw a load of laundry in.  My smart husband knows that I would over do it and land myself back in bed for the rest of the weekend. :)  It's true, I would!  He has promised to get all caught up when he returns tonight.  What a guy!!!  He's got to be exhausted! He worked all his hours at home, plus took care of the kids and me, and fed everyone!  So no, I'm not too upset the house is bad because I was allowed to rest and get better.  
  I should get better at updating more.  I finally have a good working computer.  The other one was very random about when it worked. It sometimes let me get on blogger, and it sometimes didn't.  I broke it by mistake last week... It was a total accident! I was playing a game and everything froze up.  It wouldn't even let me turn it off so I gave it a little tap.  I'm not kidding, it was such a slight tap had it been on human flesh the skin wouldn't have even turned red.  In my defense that's how I was taught to fix stuff! haha  Growing up on a farm, when something broke down you just gave it a whack and it fired back up... This DOES NOT mix with electronics!!!   The worst of it, Ryan was in the room and SAW me do it. *grins*  So I give it a tap and it makes this strange sound and shut off and everything went quiet.  I stood there in shock, mouth hanging open and everything.  I was thinking "crap, my husband is going to kill me!"  I slowly turn my head to look over at him and he was GRINNING!"  At first I was totally confused.  And then it dawned on me, he had been dropping hints to buy a new mother board (he builds our computers) or some other random thing to make it work better for weeks, but we usually stick to the rule not to buy till it needs to be replaced.  So he kept waiting for it to die so he could totally replace everything.  I. Lucked. Out! He even thanked me! haha!  So now we have a newly rebuilt computer and it works perfectly. 


  1. ROFLOL. I can see you smacking your computer. That is so funny. The water park sounds like it was fun. Do you have to walk outside to get to it?

  2. No, you can walk to it through the hotel. We got a room and 4 passes to the park for 3 days (kids 2 and under are free), 4 tickets to play monster glow in the dark put put golf, and 4 tickets to a railroad thing (we didn't do either, we are going to go up one weekend and do that and visit family) for only $160!!! It was worth the money.