Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Time!

 When I was a little girl, at the end of each day my Mom would say "It's happy time!!! Time to get ready for bed!"
  Back then, I did not understand how going to bed could be a happy time... Then I became a parent!

  Happy Time is when the house is finally quiet!
(Kathryn, Sparkles, and Jesse sleep on a queen bed, sometimes Jemima joins them. No matter what, they always end up closer to each other)

  Toys and books are put away.  Lights are dim.

(Liam has a bed too, but he likes his couch... but he usually ends up on the floor!)

 The only sounds that can be heard are a fan, dishwasher, and washing machine.

(The princess is asleep in my bed waiting for me with a book about babies and her two favorite babies!)

  No little footsteps running everywhere.  Perfect silence!  I am free to catch my breath and sit down and relax.
Here lately with a chocolate sundae! :-D And for once, I don't have to give out bites to at least two other people.

  I love my children dearly.  But even super mom needs some piece and quiet sometimes!


  1. how true! Nap time is my only sanity, and sadly I fear it is waning. lol

  2. Ahhh, my favorite time of day, too! Love that pic of Jemima, she's zonked out!

  3. Love it! You're making me want ice cream!

  4. Bedtime is my favorite time of the day too!

  5. That is definitely happy time. I'm experiencing that right now since both of my boys are napping together. :-)

    Love your pug by the way!

  6. How do I find people to follow on here? Is there any place to go to find people with similar interests?