Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend Business trip.

  Ryan had to install a program he wrote for a company in Owensboro, Kentucky over the weekend. The hotel he was staying in had a heated indoor pool, so we all tagged along!
  The pool was like bath water, the rooms were very large, and the free breakfast was huge! We thought we hit the jack pot!
  I didn't get any pictures of the first day, 4 kids and 1 adult in a huge pool didn't seem like the right time to be taking pictures.  I will say we all had a blast. My big kids swim like fish, so I only had to look over every so often to make sure they weren't playing too rough. My babies now, they "think" they can swim, but they are really at the stage that they scare me to death! Both love water and are fearless. All my kids were born loving water. Liam was a little afraid at first to get in over his knees, but after he saw his baby sister jump right in, he soon followed suit. Everyone slept like sleep trained babies that night!  Jess was first one out and Kathryn and I had a little fun with her doll...
He's a good sport and laughed when he saw it! ;-)

  We had made plans to go back and spend the next day at the pool, but soon changed our minds.  Liam, Jemima, and myself were covered in chemical burns.  I knew the water was strong, but I didn't think it was that bad! So I got on the internet to see if Owensboro had any other place children might like and I came across their museum. It didn't open till 1 (it being Sunday and all) so we spent the morning watching tv and took our sweet time enjoying that huge free breakfast.  We still ended up sitting in the van and waiting an hour for the museum to open though.
  One of the kids found a Nuk in one of the pockets in the van. I had been given a pack when I was pregnant with Liam and stashed them in the van pocket (yes, it has been THAT long since cleaning the van pockets!). I don't use them with my babies, so I guess I had forgotten all about them.  The kids opened them and for whatever reason started playing with them and this is what we got!
Totally cracked me up! My 20 month old, potty trained child sucking on a dummy! First time one had ever been in her mouth and she really wasn't sure what to do with it, but they had a blast playing "baby Jemima" in the back seat.  She would take turns laying in either Jesse or Kathryn's lap pretending to be a baby. It passed the hour quickly!
  I'm not sure what I expected from this museum, but I thought there would be more than what we got.  Owensboro is after all the third largest city in Kentucky!  It started to look promising when we first walked in and saw this!
And then this...

And even this!

But it sadly went down hill after this!

  We walked into a room that had a few race cars, race go carts, pictures, outfits, racing trophy's, and a huge tv with a car race on.  All these "famous" cars were from Owensboro, and the pictures of the racers were from there as well.  Yeah, not really educational! 
  And then we got up to the second floor and they had a room with more pictures of people, a room set up like an office, and lots and lots of papers taped to the wall... all Owensboro history.  It was a room made for their Governor's, BORING. Can't say we learned anything. We didn't stay in there more than 2 minutes.
  And then we walked into a huge play area! It made paying 3 bucks a person (minus the ones under age 2) totally worth it.  The room was freezing as it was only 52* in there, but the kids had fun!

Big brother helping baby sister up to the slide, melts this mama's heart! :-)

So yeah, that made it worth it!
  After that we had dinner and went to pick up Ryan and headed home.  It was 2 am before we finally got here and we were all wore out.  We spent most of yesterday sleeping.
  So now I will go pay for spending the weekend away, and then not doing a thing yesterday by getting started on this massive pile of laundry!

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  1. It sounds like a good weekend. (: Glad you enjoyed your trip! Great pictures!