Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not a baby anymore!

Jemima is potty trained!!  She is only 20 months old!  So far, she's the youngest to train, Kathryn was early at 21 months, but Jemima wins.  And she did it all by herself.  She has been begging for a Pillow Pet for about 3 months now, and finally I told her I'd get her any Pillow Pet she wanted as soon as she kept her panties clean for 3 days.  We were suppose to pick out the said pillow yesterday, but time has been lacking, so she will go out probably either tomorrow or Thursday.

And then today.....
She started dance class!  She's been asking to since the fall when Kathryn went back, but I figured she was too little.  So we hyped it up the whole season so she'd be ready (and excited!!) when the time came.

Kathryn had class before, and since Jemima was the only one today, Kathryn was asked to help out with her class so Jemima wouldn't feel alone.
It was so cute seeing my baby listen to her teacher and do the moves her teacher said to do.
I stood there in shock that she was able to follow commands as good as she did, being only 20 months!
Tiny toes following her big sister, feeling big herself. (can you believe they make dance shoes so tiny?!)
Acting like such a little lady.
She's growing up on me, right before my very eyes.  My little baby isn't such a baby anymore!
Then her brothers were asked to come join in so they would have enough people to do the train before it was time to say goodbye.  All four children left with huge smiles, and even Liam sweetly said "good job Jemima!!! You were awesome!!!"  Because we were all just so proud!


  1. So sweeeet! Thanks for sharing! Looks like all is going well!!

  2. That's just so cute! She's a smart one!!! I love easy potty trainers. I've had a small handful of those...and then there are the hard ones:)