Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Pageant Girls!

 *My girls are not now, nor have they ever been made to do a pageant. They are in them because they want to be, and have in fact BEGGED to be in them (Jemima's first word was PAGEANT and she was 7 months old!). They are not at all like the ones you see on tv, and I am NOT a pushy pageant mom. I'm more of the huntin' and fishin' type. But I love my girls, they love girly stuff, so I back them 100%!! They are pretty fun, and we've met some really great people, and hey, what little girl (besides myself, who was a total tomboy!) doesn't like to dress up and be a princess?? So, DON'T JUDGE ME!*

  Today was the Winter Snowflake Pageant. We had never done a pageant with this system, but we all had a blast! It was the most relaxed and fun pageant we have done, the girls are really looking forward to the Valentines Day one coming up next month!
  Usually there is a formal wear, but today was only winter wear.  The outfits you saw in my last post were for this pageant.
  We have to start getting ready the night before a pageant. Nice hot baths, nails done, and then if one of the girls wants really curly hair, I rag roll it.  Kathryn has pretty much grown out of the rag roll stage, but Jemima has just gone into it.  Believe it or not, she sits very still!
And she loves it! Too cute, if you ask me! :)

This is only the second time I have ever rag rolled her hair.  The best thing about this, it makes beautiful curls that don't need hairspray or and gel to hold. They look natural all day long.

 Here are my lovely girls about 5 minutes before the pageant started.  Both were overly excited and ready to go!  Kathryn told me she was going to "rock the stage" And yes, she did indeed do just that!

She loves modeling! 

  The biggest surprise of all was Jemima!  Now I know she's learned Kathryn's tricks, but WOW, she's only 21 months!  She had me cracking up!

Where did she learn this??
I think she saw it on tv, because Kathryn doesn't even do this. haha! 
Blowing kisses to the judges.  She went to all her x's by herself, had the most adorable smile on the whole time, and just had fun!

  Then the most fun of all (and probably why this was the girls favorite pageant EVER!) they had a dance contest right before crowning!

Look at Jemima's face! haha! Both were cutting a rug!
The most exciting thing, we didn't know the winner got a trophy for it... Kathryn won!  7 or 8 girls were in it, but I do think Jemima was a very close second! :)

  All in all, a wonderful day!  Kathryn took best smile and angel face in her group and won overall (that was out of all the girls today) best personality.  Jemima won best smile in her age group and overall angel face. They added a total of 7 new trophy's to our growing collection! Plus each got two goody bags and toys.  Now we are all going to bed. :)

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  1. too cute! Glad they had fun! Those outfits look adorable!