Saturday, January 22, 2011

5 years flown by!

5 years ago yesterday Kathryn Grace was born! These 5 years have gone by so fast I feel like I have blinked and made it speed up! 

Kathryn was my first homebirth and my first waterbirth. My first girl, the first person to ever say "when I get bigger, I wanna be just like you mommy!" The first to follow me around in the kitchen watching my every move. 5 wonderful years with this wonderful girl! 

I knew the second I laid eyes on her, we were going to be best friends.  She's such an easy child to mother. Her little hands are ever willing to lend a hand. In fact, most days she has the babies dressed and ready for the day before I am even ready! 
She is always ready to learn something new and she takes pride in being a lady. She walks with such grace, everyone loves her the second they meet her.

And now my little lady is 5. 5!!  Where has the time gone?

In honor of her special day, today we had her party.  It was very pink and perfect for Kathryn!

(cake class paid off!! ;))
My hands are stained red from that cake!
Having all her family and friends around sure did make it very special.

She said she got everything she ever wanted. :)

And everyone got to paint a little animal!

Liam really got into it!! :)

And what's a party without games? The sweetie in the purple ISN'T Jemima! That one would be my little sister, Allie. We don't look related at all, do we? :)

After the party the worlds best ever dance teacher stopped in and brought the famous pillow pet Kathryn has been longing for! 

Happy Birthday, Kathryn Grace!!! We all love you so much!!!

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  1. Awwww, I remember seeing those pics for the first time when she was born. Gosh, five years comes and is gone in a flash. Happy Birthday Kathryn!