Friday, January 28, 2011


In less than a month I will enter my 3rd Trimester!  I've got around 15 weeks left to go.  It's amazing how quickly pregnancy seems to go with your 5th baby.  I thought it went fast with my 4th, but this seems to have gone much quicker.  I have yet to get the first outfit, and yet to make the first diaper.  I am running out of time!

Little man flipped sometime last night and is now head up.  I am not worried, two of my other children flipped often.  I was really worried Kathryn would be breech at one point, she waited till about 10 days before she was born to stay head down.  I have been enjoying hiccups in my ribs this morning.  Strangest feeling in the whole world.

The whole family is in a state of nesting in one way or another.
  Jemima carries a baby with her everywhere she goes and she's been a lot more demanding of my time lately.  It's wonderful having a nursing toddler while being pregnant.  She likes to nurse laying down and she always seems to want to when I need a break.  I am pretty sure if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be taking breaks like I should.
  Liam is more calm, he isn't getting into as much as he use to.  I know this is partly his age, but I know he scenes change in the air.  He is also more demanding of my time. Again, this is partly his age. But Liam was the kid that liked to be left alone and just play by himself.  Now it's "watch me mommy!!" or "look at me mommy!!"
  Kathryn is super helpful! I'll bring up laundry to fold or start to unload the dishwasher and she'll come quickly in "let me do that for you, mama!"  She also brings out all her new markers and crayons from her birthday and gets the little ones making pictures so I can go tend to something else.  She is such a little lady.  She got a sewing machine for her birthday and is just itching to get started on some fitteds for the baby.
  Jesse is also way more helpful! I usually don't even have to ask him to do his chores and he just jumps in and does what ever is needed.  I haven't had to vacuum the living room in days! He is also very good at getting the little ones interested in a game or something.

They talk about a new brother often! They get into spats over who is the most excited.  It cracks me up.  Even Jemima chimes in "I'm cited!! my baby brother!"  They adore him before they even know him.  He is never going to be set down!

I am doing well! Sleep is coming easier. I feel good. Being pregnant is so much fun for me though.  This has been one of my hardest pregnancies, but I have still really enjoyed it.  Baby fever has hit hard though, I can't wait to see his little face and hold him in my arms. :-D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meal Plan

I haven't gotten to really sit down and do this in awhile, we were either out of town, under the weather, or had other plans.  So meals lately have been what ever I could throw together quickly.  It wasn't always healthy, but we were fed. :)  This week we can finally go back to normal!

Cooked cereal and fruit.
Fettucini alfredo, salad, garlic sticks
Chicken and Dumplings

Eggs, toast, and fruit
Tomato Soup

Cooked cereal and fruit
Left over Chicken and dumplings
Beans and Rice

Muffins and fruit
Spaghetti, salad, and garlic sticks
Broccoli cheese soup

Cooked cereal and fruit
Shepard's Pie and salad

Waffles and fruit
Ratatouille and salad
Chicken chipotle ranch burritos

Omelets (veggie) and fruit
Taco Soup.

As always, everything is gluten free and made from scratch.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

5 years flown by!

5 years ago yesterday Kathryn Grace was born! These 5 years have gone by so fast I feel like I have blinked and made it speed up! 

Kathryn was my first homebirth and my first waterbirth. My first girl, the first person to ever say "when I get bigger, I wanna be just like you mommy!" The first to follow me around in the kitchen watching my every move. 5 wonderful years with this wonderful girl! 

I knew the second I laid eyes on her, we were going to be best friends.  She's such an easy child to mother. Her little hands are ever willing to lend a hand. In fact, most days she has the babies dressed and ready for the day before I am even ready! 
She is always ready to learn something new and she takes pride in being a lady. She walks with such grace, everyone loves her the second they meet her.

And now my little lady is 5. 5!!  Where has the time gone?

In honor of her special day, today we had her party.  It was very pink and perfect for Kathryn!

(cake class paid off!! ;))
My hands are stained red from that cake!
Having all her family and friends around sure did make it very special.

She said she got everything she ever wanted. :)

And everyone got to paint a little animal!

Liam really got into it!! :)

And what's a party without games? The sweetie in the purple ISN'T Jemima! That one would be my little sister, Allie. We don't look related at all, do we? :)

After the party the worlds best ever dance teacher stopped in and brought the famous pillow pet Kathryn has been longing for! 

Happy Birthday, Kathryn Grace!!! We all love you so much!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Surprise!!

This pregnancy has just been like Kathryn's and Jemima's! I've been dog sick the whole time and I am carrying so low I have to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes.
This was a pretty big surprise!

I saw it before the ultrasound tech did.  She was looking at my stomach and I was watching the baby and said "ohhhh boy!!!" and she looks up and says "yes, I believe you're right!" Just like a boy, not at all shy! 

He has the sweetest little face! 

I am right on with my due date, he isn't a twin! However he's almost 2 lbs, so he's big! 
Can't wait to meet you in person little man! I wish you could have seen your big sister, Jemima kissing your picture over and over saying "My baby, my brother!" We are all so proud! 

Thank you all for the great comments! You sure know how to make my day.

Almost 24 weeks!

Today is the big Ultrasound! I know that this is my 5th baby, but I'm measuring about a month bigger than I should. I didn't really want to know, but there is a chance I am farther along or there is two in there... According to the nurse midwife I saw last week.  So to be sure, we get to have a sneak peak!  I have gotten more excited about it as we've gotten closer to today, the kids are VERY happy to see the new baby!
I only think it's one baby, and that I'm right on my due date (just a bit "large" because this is my 5th baby in 6 1/2 years!!), and I'm going to guess girl!
Update will be later today!
*here's to sorta hoping baby's legs are crossed!!* hehe  I'm serious, I love finding out the second they come out!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Jemima gave us a wonderful scare last night! She caught Liam's cold and had a fever. First time she has ever been sick!
I totally blame myself, we ran out of Colloidal Silver and I was too lazy to make some more.  When I see a cold or another illness come on, I start giving Silver to the whole family and that always stops sickness in it's tracks!  The only real illness we have to deal with is the stomach bug, but even then, we get such a mild case and it usually only lasts 12 hours.  It helps that I feed the troops healthy meals, but you can still get sick by careless people that leave their homes when they are sick! More so if you don't know you're being infected. Ugh, I hate germs!
Anyway. She spiked a 103 fever yesterday.  I had nothing in the house, so I put her in a warm bath.  She needed one anyway.  She played in there for about an hour (my girls would soak all day if I let them!) and then got out.  She had no fever an hour after her bath.  She then nursed and went downstairs to have dinner.  We ordered pizza and made plans to watch the last Hannah Montana.  Jemima drank a huge glass of water and a juice box and had finished a whole slice of pizza and asked for another.  I thought she was on the mend!  She started in on her second slice and then just falls over.  She landed in Liam's food and he started SCREAMING at her (these two fight like cats and dogs!).  At first, Ryan thought she was just doing this to pick on Liam, they had been at it off and on all day.  So he sat her back up and she fell over again. It was then I knew something was wrong.  I thought she had choked as she does not let me cut up her food, she isn't a baby!  Then she started seizing.  I ran for the phone and Ryan just held her.
Jesse and Kathryn saw the whole thing, scared them to death. Liam being such a boy and only 2 kept on eating and watching the show.  He didn't know anything was off till the fire truck pulled up and then he was at the window saying "wowie cool!!! a firetruck!!!"  Jemima had been gone maybe 5 minutes before he even asked where she was. SUCH A DUDE!
The EMT got here within 10 minutes, she stopped seizing within 1 minute.  Her color stayed normal but she was super sleepy and not at all happy we made her stay awake and was very limp.  This is when I relaxed.  Kathryn did the very same thing to me about 3 years ago when she was Jemima's age!
I had the EMT take her in (with me) anyway, because I knew they would give her some O2 and that does WONDERS for a kid that's come off a seizor.  And her fever had came back.  They were super nice, not at all like the ones in the town we came from!
Half way to the hospital Jemima perks up, sits up and starts checking out where she was... and then pukes up about half of her dinner all over me! The really nice EMT man calls the hospital again and asks for a scrub top for me to be ready too, I thought that was very kind.
We get to the hospital get myself and Jemima cleaned up and then they put some leads on her, check her BP, sugar, temp (boy that wasn't fun either) and then she puked up the rest of her dinner all over me again.  It was very gross, so glad she's my 4th or I'd have thrown up right back on her.  I use to puke at just the sight of it before having kids, now I can get covered in it and not even gag. :)
So we get her cleaned up again along with myself and I call Ryan (I need a shirt and new pants ASAP).  Jemima is then given Tylenol, temp is taken again, and they do a swab for strep and the flu (she had neither... final diagnoses was she had the common cold) and then she is allowed to nurse and falls right back to sleep.  About an hour later they come in with Motrin (this was the first time Jemima ever had modern meds... it knocked that fever in minutes) and took her temp again and she had to go potty and we played 5 little monkeys 3 times and she asked to nurse again and went back to sleep.
The rest of the crew gets there around 9:15 pm with my clothes.  It took them forever because everyone was ready for bed before this happened and Ryan had to get everyone dressed.  Then he gets almost to the hospital and it dawned on him that he forgot mine and Jemima's clothes, so he had to turn around and go get them.  Liam was sleepy and mad he wasn't home, the bigs just looked scared.  I got off Jemima's bed and Jess slid in and laid next to her and just wrapped his little arms around her and held her while she slept for a good hour.  Jemima and Jess have a very special bond, it's been there since she was in the womb still.  If I can't calm her, Jess can.
The ER was FULL last night, so I knew it was only a matter of time before they let us go.  They needed our room!  The main hold up is they wanted to do a chest ex-ray to make sure there was no fluid there (having a seizor can sometimes cause this) and there were 3 waiting in front of her.  They finally got her back there around 11pm and it came back clear, so we were set free at 11:15.  She had no fever when we left.
I was never once treated badly because of my parenting choices (we don't vaccinate and I treat Holistically) and they never even tried to tell me what I did was wrong/doesn't work.  I was respected! The ER doctor said "I'm guessing she sees a Holistic doctor if she gets sick, you might want to follow up with her in a few days, but I'm sure everyone is fine here!"  In the past when I've had to go in, I was treated like a complete idiot, disrespected, and looked on like a careless mother. So that was really nice!
It is not that I am against doctors and medicine. Not at all! I only believe it is highly over used in todays world.  Sometimes it IS needed, and it's wonderful that it is there for those times.  Any other time though it really isn't needed.
We got home and everyone went to bed.  Jemima slept with me and I woke up every single time she moved even if it was slightly, so I am exhausted.  I've not had much sleep in the past week in fact!
She had a good nights rest and was fever free still when she woke up this morning.  It's been a very normal day and you'd never know now she was so sick last night.  Gotta love how fast kids bounce back!
For the record, Colloidal Silver was made and everyone is on it now.  We've got a insanely busy week and I can't let anyone else get sick!  We have dance class all day tomorrow, cake class Wednesday, an ultrasound Thursday, Kathryn's birthday and trip to the dentist Friday, and then Kathryn's party Saturday! So I plan on staying exhausted till at least Monday! :)

*Please do not fill my inbox and send me links on the dangers of Colloidal Silver.  I have done my research for years and have been taking it LONGER than the blue man did before he turned blue. I also don't drink it like water as the blue man did and he made his with salt and fats... Salt and fats mixed with sliver are what causes you to turn into a Smurf,  not the Colloidal Silver in it'self. As I've said, I've done my research! To me, the side affects are less and aren't as likely to be experienced, than they are with your new modern day antibiotic. And aside from being blue, the blue man is enjoying perfect health! So, all that said, it is impossible to scare me, or change my mind on this matter. Colloidal Silver is amazing! And if it was as dangerous as "they" are saying, they wouldn't be putting it in your infants eyes the second they are born, now would they?*

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Pageant Girls!

 *My girls are not now, nor have they ever been made to do a pageant. They are in them because they want to be, and have in fact BEGGED to be in them (Jemima's first word was PAGEANT and she was 7 months old!). They are not at all like the ones you see on tv, and I am NOT a pushy pageant mom. I'm more of the huntin' and fishin' type. But I love my girls, they love girly stuff, so I back them 100%!! They are pretty fun, and we've met some really great people, and hey, what little girl (besides myself, who was a total tomboy!) doesn't like to dress up and be a princess?? So, DON'T JUDGE ME!*

  Today was the Winter Snowflake Pageant. We had never done a pageant with this system, but we all had a blast! It was the most relaxed and fun pageant we have done, the girls are really looking forward to the Valentines Day one coming up next month!
  Usually there is a formal wear, but today was only winter wear.  The outfits you saw in my last post were for this pageant.
  We have to start getting ready the night before a pageant. Nice hot baths, nails done, and then if one of the girls wants really curly hair, I rag roll it.  Kathryn has pretty much grown out of the rag roll stage, but Jemima has just gone into it.  Believe it or not, she sits very still!
And she loves it! Too cute, if you ask me! :)

This is only the second time I have ever rag rolled her hair.  The best thing about this, it makes beautiful curls that don't need hairspray or and gel to hold. They look natural all day long.

 Here are my lovely girls about 5 minutes before the pageant started.  Both were overly excited and ready to go!  Kathryn told me she was going to "rock the stage" And yes, she did indeed do just that!

She loves modeling! 

  The biggest surprise of all was Jemima!  Now I know she's learned Kathryn's tricks, but WOW, she's only 21 months!  She had me cracking up!

Where did she learn this??
I think she saw it on tv, because Kathryn doesn't even do this. haha! 
Blowing kisses to the judges.  She went to all her x's by herself, had the most adorable smile on the whole time, and just had fun!

  Then the most fun of all (and probably why this was the girls favorite pageant EVER!) they had a dance contest right before crowning!

Look at Jemima's face! haha! Both were cutting a rug!
The most exciting thing, we didn't know the winner got a trophy for it... Kathryn won!  7 or 8 girls were in it, but I do think Jemima was a very close second! :)

  All in all, a wonderful day!  Kathryn took best smile and angel face in her group and won overall (that was out of all the girls today) best personality.  Jemima won best smile in her age group and overall angel face. They added a total of 7 new trophy's to our growing collection! Plus each got two goody bags and toys.  Now we are all going to bed. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Creative Wednesday

Wednesday evening's is one I greatly look forward to. I get to leave the house for two wonderful hours all by myself!  I started taking a cake class at Hobby Lobby once a week. It's something I've always wanted to do, and now that we "try" to be 100% gluten free, our bakery options are slim to none.  So I figured now was the time to get really good at this.  Or at least, as good as I can be!  It's fun anyway.
These first two classes I've not learned much, it's stuff I learned from watching my sister Rachel (who makes AMAZING cakes!) when we were kids.  Next week we start on flowers, which is the whole reason I started in this class and not the Fondant one.  I should have all the classes done before baby comes!
Last week we got to make stars on cookies and today we got to ice a cake.

Mine turned out okay. It tasted great according to the family.  It's not gluten free (I did NOT have the time to bake a cake from scratch today) so I didn't eat any.  Let's hope smelling doesn't make me feel bad, it sure did smell good!

The past couple days I've been working on pageant outfits for the girls.  They needed an outfit for outfit of choice for a pageant coming up this weekend.  Kathryn saw something on Etsy she wanted and asked me to make something like that for her. "Please mama, I'll do anything you say!" That sort of thing.  So of course I did!

(Please excuse finger smudges! Kids had the camera today)
I made the pattern myself.  I also made matching hair bows, but Jemima took off with them and I couldn't find them.  I will get pictures of these on the girls soon, they were in bed when I took this picture.
I think they turned out great though!   The best thing about making their clothes, they are made to fit them perfectly.  They look so sweet in them!

I've got an order for 15 diapers to finish by next week for a baby girl!  Not made diapers in a couple months, so I am looking forward to it! I also want to get a head start in making some dresses for the summer for my girls, as well as new baby things for our own baby. Kathryn's birthday is coming up next week and I want to get a doll made for her.  It's not hard finding things to do around here, that's for sure!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend Business trip.

  Ryan had to install a program he wrote for a company in Owensboro, Kentucky over the weekend. The hotel he was staying in had a heated indoor pool, so we all tagged along!
  The pool was like bath water, the rooms were very large, and the free breakfast was huge! We thought we hit the jack pot!
  I didn't get any pictures of the first day, 4 kids and 1 adult in a huge pool didn't seem like the right time to be taking pictures.  I will say we all had a blast. My big kids swim like fish, so I only had to look over every so often to make sure they weren't playing too rough. My babies now, they "think" they can swim, but they are really at the stage that they scare me to death! Both love water and are fearless. All my kids were born loving water. Liam was a little afraid at first to get in over his knees, but after he saw his baby sister jump right in, he soon followed suit. Everyone slept like sleep trained babies that night!  Jess was first one out and Kathryn and I had a little fun with her doll...
He's a good sport and laughed when he saw it! ;-)

  We had made plans to go back and spend the next day at the pool, but soon changed our minds.  Liam, Jemima, and myself were covered in chemical burns.  I knew the water was strong, but I didn't think it was that bad! So I got on the internet to see if Owensboro had any other place children might like and I came across their museum. It didn't open till 1 (it being Sunday and all) so we spent the morning watching tv and took our sweet time enjoying that huge free breakfast.  We still ended up sitting in the van and waiting an hour for the museum to open though.
  One of the kids found a Nuk in one of the pockets in the van. I had been given a pack when I was pregnant with Liam and stashed them in the van pocket (yes, it has been THAT long since cleaning the van pockets!). I don't use them with my babies, so I guess I had forgotten all about them.  The kids opened them and for whatever reason started playing with them and this is what we got!
Totally cracked me up! My 20 month old, potty trained child sucking on a dummy! First time one had ever been in her mouth and she really wasn't sure what to do with it, but they had a blast playing "baby Jemima" in the back seat.  She would take turns laying in either Jesse or Kathryn's lap pretending to be a baby. It passed the hour quickly!
  I'm not sure what I expected from this museum, but I thought there would be more than what we got.  Owensboro is after all the third largest city in Kentucky!  It started to look promising when we first walked in and saw this!
And then this...

And even this!

But it sadly went down hill after this!

  We walked into a room that had a few race cars, race go carts, pictures, outfits, racing trophy's, and a huge tv with a car race on.  All these "famous" cars were from Owensboro, and the pictures of the racers were from there as well.  Yeah, not really educational! 
  And then we got up to the second floor and they had a room with more pictures of people, a room set up like an office, and lots and lots of papers taped to the wall... all Owensboro history.  It was a room made for their Governor's, BORING. Can't say we learned anything. We didn't stay in there more than 2 minutes.
  And then we walked into a huge play area! It made paying 3 bucks a person (minus the ones under age 2) totally worth it.  The room was freezing as it was only 52* in there, but the kids had fun!

Big brother helping baby sister up to the slide, melts this mama's heart! :-)

So yeah, that made it worth it!
  After that we had dinner and went to pick up Ryan and headed home.  It was 2 am before we finally got here and we were all wore out.  We spent most of yesterday sleeping.
  So now I will go pay for spending the weekend away, and then not doing a thing yesterday by getting started on this massive pile of laundry!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not a baby anymore!

Jemima is potty trained!!  She is only 20 months old!  So far, she's the youngest to train, Kathryn was early at 21 months, but Jemima wins.  And she did it all by herself.  She has been begging for a Pillow Pet for about 3 months now, and finally I told her I'd get her any Pillow Pet she wanted as soon as she kept her panties clean for 3 days.  We were suppose to pick out the said pillow yesterday, but time has been lacking, so she will go out probably either tomorrow or Thursday.

And then today.....
She started dance class!  She's been asking to since the fall when Kathryn went back, but I figured she was too little.  So we hyped it up the whole season so she'd be ready (and excited!!) when the time came.

Kathryn had class before, and since Jemima was the only one today, Kathryn was asked to help out with her class so Jemima wouldn't feel alone.
It was so cute seeing my baby listen to her teacher and do the moves her teacher said to do.
I stood there in shock that she was able to follow commands as good as she did, being only 20 months!
Tiny toes following her big sister, feeling big herself. (can you believe they make dance shoes so tiny?!)
Acting like such a little lady.
She's growing up on me, right before my very eyes.  My little baby isn't such a baby anymore!
Then her brothers were asked to come join in so they would have enough people to do the train before it was time to say goodbye.  All four children left with huge smiles, and even Liam sweetly said "good job Jemima!!! You were awesome!!!"  Because we were all just so proud!